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3 Public Sector Trends We're Watching in 2014

Posted by Neil Shah on Feb 10, 2014 12:57:24 PM

public sector workforceThe Public Office. A place where one has extremely high expectations from the public, and an equally low budget with which to meet them. With this limited budget, comes a limited workforce, and a big incentive to manage it effectively.

As the public sector continues to try to do more with less in their workforce management practices, we have several trends that we’re keeping our eye on in 2014.

More connection with citizens

As our world becomes more and more connected, the public sector is shifting to becoming closer to its citizens. With more platforms for everyday people to make suggestions as well as complaints, the public sector has begun to listen up and establish a deeper connection with its community.

A great example of this is the public sector’s response to major budget cuts across the board in 2013. This cut in budget forced the public sector to start more open-source projects to enlist the help of its citizens. This practice was actually a blessing and led to stronger communities as whole. We believe this trend will continue: people will feel more connection to the public sector and continue to sign up for these open-source projects.

Growing importance of data

With the increase in connection between the public sector and its citizens, we believe the importance of data will continue to grow as well. There is more data available to the public than ever and with that information, comes more scrutiny around certain public projects (see the public reaction to

As information like this becomes more available to the public eye, so will the information surrounding the workforce. The public sector workforce is one of the most scrutinized public expenses, so it’s more important than ever to manage the workforce effectively and have strong data that showcases positive results.

The changing workforce

We’ve all heard the predictions about the implications of the Baby Boomers retiring and how the new generation of “Millennials” will affect the workforce. Every year we get closer to an answer to these predictions and it’s no different in the public sector.

With this change in workforce generations comes a different level of tech-savviness and a unique perspective. Regardless of your opinion on the Millennial generation, one major advantage they bring with them is the ability to see how technology can apply in unique situations older generations may not realize. We believe this will lead to new and innovative technological and operational solutions in the workforce.

With these trends, the public sector is in for an interesting year. We believe that there are many challenges ahead, but we are excited to help many public sector organizations meet their workforce management goals in 2014!

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