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4 Things We're Looking Forward to at Kronosworks 2014

Posted by Neil Shah on Apr 21, 2014 9:09:06 AM

KronosworksIt’s been 5 months now since we went to Kronosworks 2013 and were able to see all of the growth and excitement that is emerging in the world of Workforce Management. Kronos, the giant in the space, reported $975 million in revenue from their fiscal year, and we learned more about emerging cloud technology in the space as well as new ways that data is being interpreted.

Now with our group planning the trip to Kronosworks 2014, we wanted to share 4 things that we’re looking forward to at this year’s conference!

1. Networking opportunities

This is a given at most conferences, but Kronosworks does a particularly great job of it. They provide great opportunities for networking with all of the events and happy hours that they host throughout the 3-day conference. Last year, we thoroughly enjoyed meeting the diverse group of attendees and vendors in the workforce management space in a very friendly atmosphere.

2. Insights into growth

In 2013, Kronos reported a huge growth in their revenue and this year it is projected that they report continued growth. With Workforce Management continuing to expand its global reach, we are looking forward to seeing how much our industry has grown again this year. With the changing workforce, we should see big numbers across the industry - including the number of Kronosworks attendees!

3. Technology shifting with the workforce

It’s no secret at this point that the workforce is getting younger. Kronos has responded to this phenomenon by coming up with new technology like Kronos Workforce Social to adapt their technology to the millennial generation.

What other new technology might we see this year? Besides simply adjusting to the changing age of the workforce, might we see other technology that’s adapting to the remote workforce as well?

Whatever the answer to those questions, we know that we will find out first at Kronosworks.

4. Vegas, Baby!

Let’s not be shy about this, Vegas in November will be a fun getaway from our Chicago headquarters. The great thing about this conference is that besides being educational and of great business value, it is also a ton of fun! Last year in Orlando we got to cruise through the lines at Universal Studios, and this year we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the Kronosworks attendees in Vegas!

We hope your team will join us at Kronosworks 2014!

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