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A Simple Tool For Your User Acceptance Testing

Posted by Neil Shah on Apr 28, 2014 10:44:00 AM

“Did you send me the spreadsheet with the user acceptance testing results?”

“Kathy was the one who was supposed to send it to you. She was the one conducting all of the testing.”

“Are you sure? I thought I put you on UAT for this project. I haven’t gotten anything from her.”

You already know the end to this story. 

Frustration, fingerpointing and miscommunication await. We’ve seen it happen all too often with our clients and partners. User-acceptance testing management is still in done, well, let's call it, "the old fashioned way". Emails, attachments, spreadsheets, mistracking of roles, etc. At The WFC Group, we wanted to do it another way.

We pulled together a rock-star team to research, test and build a user-acceptance testing tool that would manage the entire process from start to finish. And today we are happy to announce that EngageUAT is officially launched.

Why we built EngageUAT

We built EngageUAT because we saw this problem on a regular basis. We wanted to help our clients and partners get their testing done efficiently and effectively as well as ensure that their requirements were met. We built EngageUAT with a deep understanding of the UAT process, as well as real-world experience and customers that we could work with to ensure that our product would solve the problem and add a lot of value to the process.

The benefits of EngageUAT

Testing in the cloud. The number one problem we saw with teams working on UAT projects, was communication. Project status, role assignments, managing multiple projects at once, and keeping track of everything, was a constant juggling act. We solved all of that by operating EngageUAT in the cloud. Now teams can track all of that information and successfully collaborate on all of their projects.

Approve tests and projects. We made sure project managers would have the ability to see transparently into the project from start to finish. They can then verify that requirements are met by approving individual tests and projects. Then launch projects with the assurance of success.

Real-time reporting. As another benefit for project managers, we added real-time reports to see what’s happening with your project's acceptance testing in real time. So they can know what is passing and failing, and more importantly know why.

Risk mitigation. We also ensured that there would be no risk in using our product. By compiling all of your company’s UAT in one place, you won’t miss a test and can ensure that users are completely satisfied with all of your projects.

Save time. Save cost. Of course, the ultimate goal was to make sure that the tool would be of real value in the form of saving organizations time and money. We have seen our current pilot customers drastically reduce the total cost of their projects by doing UAT the quick, simple way.

How it works

To help us accomplish all of the above, we worked to make sure that the application was simple and elegant.

Using the tool is a simple 3 step process:

1. Create - Create tests, add descriptions, input expected results, and add images in a simple, easy-to-use format.

2. Test - Group tests based on your unique use cases. Assign tests to users and track their progress in real-time.

3. Approve - Verify that requirements are met by approving tests and projects. Launch your projects with the assurance of success.

We made the tool this simple because the problem we saw with UAT was just how complicated the whole process had become. By creating simplicity, we would ensure that we save teams a lot of time on their UAT.

If you're interested in using EngageUAT, you can sign-up for a FREE 30-day trial here.

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