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What to Look for When Finding a Kronos Consulting Company

Posted by Michael Turner on May 12, 2014 4:02:57 PM

"PhotoFinding the right Kronos consulting company to manage your implementation, upgrades or integrations can be a daunting task. It’s a big investment and one that you should have complete information for. We work with companies on a regular basis who wonder if Kronos consulting is right for them, and what their first steps should be. So we wanted to share the 3 key initiatives that Kronos consultants can assist with, and what to look for:


Any major workforce management software implementation is broken into a 4 part cycle: pre-implementation, vendor selection, implementation and post-implementation.

Pre-implementation: Focus on adopting the best change management practices into your organization. You want to prepare your workforce for the changes that will occur, and get the whole organization behind the implementation.

Vendor selection: There are several different options to consider with vendors, but regardless, you want to make sure that they know your issues, can adapt to the situation and give you the end result.The focus should always be on you, the client, to ensure that you have visibility into every step of the process.

Implementation: This is where your team will get down to business. If you"ve done everything correctly to this point, the actual implementation should go fairly smoothly. Ensure that communication is prevalent at every step of the process to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Post-implementation: Finally, ensure that the company you choose has post implementation support and training programs to ensure that you are able to fend for yourself when the implementation is over.

Kronos Upgrades:

There are several reasons to upgrade to the latest version of Kronos. The performance is better, it has a greater capacity, there are new features, such as better analytics and reporting capabilities, as well as a new user-interface that's much easier to navigate. Another factor you should consider when thinking about an upgrade is the cost associated with not upgrading to the next version of Kronos. Many times we see companies spending unnecessary time and energy working with outdated versions that have been streamlined in the latest versions of Kronos.

Some other issues we see that indicate you should consider upgrading:

  • Java compatibility issues. There is a potential cost of a security breach due to insecure and outdated Java versions.

  • Server Maintenance cost. Cost savings moving to VM’s and possibly less servers with 64 bit OS.

  • End of product life support cycle. Some versions have simply outlasted the service support, so your company should strongly consider upgrading.

  • Key insights. New features allow for better reporting and improved visibility which will give you key insights into your workforce.

Kronos Integration:

Another major service that outside consultants can provide you is to integrate Kronos with your other enterprise software systems. This will save your organization hundreds to thousands of hours in tasks that are currently being done manually that can be automated. Kronos consultants can help you with integration into software like PeopleSoft, Oracle, Lawson and Ultipro. They should be able to also create custom applications for Kronos InTouch clocks as well as aid in the interface development via a Workforce Integration Manager. This will help transform time and attendance data for reporting, external processing by 3rd party software, and help create custom solutions.

Whatever your reason for seeking out a Kronos consulting company, make sure that you find a company that has experience with a business of your size and can meet your specific needs. No business or workforce is alike, so make sure you hire a company that is flexible to your needs, and can deliver high quality results.

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