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Why You Need to Add Mobile Technology to Your Workforce Planning

Posted by Chris Moulton on Jun 17, 2014 3:49:00 AM

mobile workforce managementHas your workforce management gone mobile yet?

If you’ve been contemplating a workforce management upgrade or implementation recently, you’ve probably heard the benefits of the latest and greatest mobile technology. But is it really worth it for your company? Is it something that will actually bring bottom-line benefits? Or is it all just buzz-words being thrown around to get managers seeking more “streamlining” and “efficiency” in their workforce to buy.

We get to work with many different companies that have implemented mobile technology into their workforce, we get to see the real benefits they’re receiving from it. Buzz-words aside, they are BIG. So we wanted to list 4 major benefits you will see immediately from implementing mobile technology into your workforce planning:

Save hardware and labor costs

Everyone has a phone these days. Young, old, poor, rich, everyone! You can take advantage of this by having your workforce punch in with their mobile devices rather than your classic punch-in clock. This can save you in hardware costs, as well as worker time spent in the back office punching in rather than being on the floor. This ROI calculator will give you an idea of how you’re your company can save. Also, technologies like geosensing make this even more effective by ensuring that a worker is on-site when they punch-in. This can solve worker attendance issues such as buddy punching.

Gets your managers on the floor

There are huge benefits in having your managers on the floor rather than in the back office. The use of mobile technology allows management to be on the floor with a tablet, know exactly who is in the building, and in what department. It allows them to do exception tracking and corrections while still maintaining visibility with the customer as well as the employees. It allows them to fill open shifts if there is a need and to call in additional staffing.

Issues can be addressed anytime, anywhere

Mobile technology gives management the ability to address workforce issues on the fly from anywhere. Say the nightmare scenario for a retail manager occurs: during off hours at a grocery outlet, there is one key holder in charge and he is new. He ends up with 1 no show and 2 call offs. Not sure what to do, he calls his manager. Instead of the manager having to head to the store to review the schedule and determine who to call in, the manager can view this on his phone or tablet. He can then address the issue right there on the spot. Saving him time and the company money.

Scheduling anytime, anywhere

Workers can submit any schedule requests they may have anytime, anywhere as well with GTOR (Global Time Off Requests). This also allows managers to address these requests at any time and gives other employees an opportunity to pick up their shifts on the fly. This adds a level of formality to the process and helps to ensure everything is covered for employee time off.

As of this writing, there are approximately 350 million workers bringing their mobile devices to work and the number is only growing. As that number grows, so do the countless benefits of updating your workforce management software to a mobile solution. We’re excited to see just how far mobile can go!

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