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Why We Believe Social Media in Workforce Management is for Real

Posted by Neil Shah on Jun 30, 2014 1:00:00 AM

Social Media in Workforce ManagementWhat if I were to tell you that having your employees use social media could actually increase their productivity?

If you don’t believe me, you’re not alone. When we think of Facebook and Twitter we think of distraction and procrastination. Not exactly words associated with productivity. This is the reason why many companies ban social media in their workplaces.

But studies have shown that these bans don't actually work. If employees want to be on social media, they're going to find a way to do so. You may block social media sites on employee computers, but what about their phones? This is why companies with a "no-social media during work" policy have just as many employees using social media throughout the day as those that embrace it - and those that embrace social media are actually getting more productivity from their workforce!

In fact, Towers Watson & Co. found that among employees who use social media tools during work hours, 41% reported improved productivity. How? Oftentimes, workers are actually using social media for work-related purposes! These workers are communicating with other departments of the company, finding new prospects, reading relevant industry articles and discovering opportunities through connections and shared content.

To those of you who need more convincing, we listed the 3 major benefits we've seen from enacting a workforce management policy to embrace social media:

Internal communications

One of the major reasons that companies see an uptick in productivity when they embrace social media is because communication improves. Many companies are still under the belief that “email works fine”. However, a survey conducted by SilkRoad, a talent management software company, found that the majority of workers “believe email is a very inefficient way of collaborating and sharing”. Nowadays, people prefer to contact each other through social media platforms (to a point where the combined value of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is over $200 Billion). This preference will be no different for your company’s internal communications.

Sharing of relevant content

Social has also become a place where informative articles, videos and other content are shared. By using social media, workers are able to share important information and resources with one another in easy-to-use platforms. This is also extremely useful in dealing with customers, prospects and potential employees. If your employees are using social media to produce and share content relevant to your company, it’s going to help grow your brand as a thought leader in the industry.

Building employee engagement

Whether you use an internal social media tool – which could be custom-built or one provided by your workforce management software – or use one of the major social media platforms, employee engagement has been proven to increase. Collaboration, communication and identification with the company’s brand on social media help to boost employees’ morale and engagement. According to a recent Gallup poll, only 13% of employees feel they are engaged with their company worldwide. By embracing social media, you can help that number grow at your company and gain a big advantage over your competitors.

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