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How Kronos Workforce Ready Blew Us Away!

Posted by Neil Shah on Jul 23, 2014 11:49:26 AM

Workforce ReadyLast week our Director of Business Development, Michael O'Connor, and I were invited up to Kronos headquarters to check out their newest Software as a Service platform Workforce Ready. As a certified partner, we were fortunate to view a detailed demo of the product. The full suite includes HR / Payroll / Time & Attendance and the benefits are attractive, very attractive. Kronos has opened workforce management to a whole new market, and we wanted to share with you how they have outdone themselves, yet again.

Built for small to medium-sized businesses

The best part about Workforce Ready is its simplicity and ease of use. For small to medium-sized businesses, this is the perfect solution with a very slick User Interface. It has all of the benefits of Kronos’ larger enterprise solutions (Workforce Central Suite), but is now affordable and effective for the companies with 200 - 2500 employees that don't need the complexities. It has many tracking features for compliance, absence management, labor levels and offers additional features/services which can be purchased through its “self-help” marketplace such as ‘ACA tracking’. The Marketplace is an impressive concept that Kronos is utilizing to allow customers to purchase complimentary third party products and services through the WFR user interface. Examples include 401K, background screening, etc.

Effortless Implementation

Along with this simplicity comes a much less complicated implementation process. Typical implementations that we do with our clients take anywhere between three to six months, however the implementation timelines with Workforce Ready average between 30 - 60 days. The reduction in implementation time will allow customers to utilize the WFR benefits quickly!

Self-service and mobile access

We've discussed the advantages of going mobile in workforce management before - and they are big. Because Workforce Ready is in the cloud, it can be accessed from anywhere. This is becoming increasingly beneficial as workforce management expands its global reach and the remote workforce continues to grow. Kronos also made the application incredibly easy to setup and easy to use regardless of your level of tech-savvy.

Simple robust reporting

Finally, Kronos built a very easy-to-use, robust reporting module to increase key insights into your workforce. You can create your own reports simply by using advanced filtering or custom columns. The reporting engine delivers a surprising level of depth with the information that can be retrieved. This will allow you to check your projections by viewing budgeted vs. actual hours worked and you can include billable and non-billable rates. It then allows you to export your report in any file format you need.


We are excited about Workforce Ready. Its overall simplicity, cost, and rapid implementation will be a value add to the SMB market. We are already starting to see it put to very good use in the manufacturing and retail sectors, and we have high hopes for it on a global scale. Overall, we are thoroughly impressed with the product, and look forward to seeing its growth!

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