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4 Simple Tips To Optimize Your Workforce

Posted by Neil Shah on Sep 10, 2014 3:30:14 AM

3269784239_4254e1cc22At the WFC Group, we have over 200 years of combined experience in the Workforce Management space. Doing everything from implementations to upgrades and training, we have learned a lesson or two about what works and what doesn’t in optimizing your workforce.

So we put our heads together and came up with 4 of our simplest, yet most effective tips that you can apply to your own workforce to increase productivity and worker morale.

1. Get the right tools

There is no reason that your workforce should still be punching time cards. Time and attendance software is a must to have an optimized workforce, and can save your company weeks of time that goes unaccounted for.

2. Go mobile

Mobile technology is one of the most underutilized technological advantages we see with companies today. Essentially everyone has a smartphone these days, and companies can take advantage of this by having both workers and management access all necessary information on the go. This saves hardware costs and allows issues to be addressed anytime, anywhere.

3. Check the analytics

With the right workforce management tools, companies have access to a wealth of data on their workforce. This information can give you valuable insights that will allow you to see where there are rooms for improvement in your current processes. You can then take actionable steps to optimize your workforce.

4. Communicate effectively

Doing all of the above also leads to more effective communication. The right time and attendance software ensures labor is accounted for, allowing more trust between the workforce and management. Mobile technology helps managers get out of the back office and onto the floor where they can communicate with their employees more effectively.


Optimizing your workforce with the right technology is essential for this day and age. We see too many companies with punch clocks and time cards that are killing efficiencies and opportunities for improvement. Getting the right tools, going mobile, and checking analytics will not only help you become more productive, but it will also increase the effectiveness of communication.

If you believe it’s the right time to start optimizing your workforce, reach out to us! Our team has over 200 years of combined experience in workforce management and we’re here to help!


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