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3 Things I Took Away from our Annual Company Summit

Posted by Neil Shah on Jan 29, 2015 11:15:00 AM
Our team taking a break from ATVing in the jungle!
Our team taking a break from ATVing in the jungle!

Last week The WFC Group took a few days off from work and headed to San Juan, Puerto Rico for our annual Company Summit. This has become a yearly tradition for our growing company to bring our remote workforce together to reconnect, bond, continue to grow our working relationships and contribute to the company vision. Many people extended the trip into a vacation for the weekend, and while there was plenty of fun to be had, most importantly, we all came away with new knowledge, and refreshed for an exciting year ahead. Below are a few things I took away from our Company Summit this year:

Our employees are extremely passionate about workforce management

During the Summit, we organized a number of learning sessions to give our employees an opportunity to expand their workforce management knowledge. Our subject matter experts gave in-depth presentations on various Kronos modules including Navigators, Attendance and Analytics. During these presentations, I saw engaged employees who were asking thoughtful questions, and a strong interest to want to learn as much as possible. In that moment (and always), I was grateful that we have employees who are truly dedicated to their careers.

We are still growing… fast!

Even though I am involved in the day to day activities of our recruiting process and new client acquisitions, I can say that I am still astounded, every day, by how fast our team has grown. We had so many new faces at this year’s Summit, and with that came client growth in 2014 as well. We are still growing and have many more opportunities available for 2015 – check them out here!

Team purple and their cardboard “boat”!

A fun workforce is a successful workforce

One of the things we pride ourselves on at The WFC Group is having a casual, fun work environment, all while still maintaining our professionalism for our clients. At this year’s Summit we had plenty of fun team building activities, including a contest to see who could build a boat from cardboard boxes and steer it in the ocean without it sinking! We also spent an afternoon ATVing in the rain forest of Puerto Rico, and we ended the trip with our annual holiday awards dinner. All of these fun activities helped to enhance the bond our employees have with one another, and reinforce the atmosphere we create for our company throughout the year.

We all feel rejuvenated for 2015, and I’m personally already looking forward to planning our 2016 Company Summit! Does your company attend an annual summit? If so, what activities take place? Let us know in the comments.




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