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Kronos Unveils Workforce Central 8 – Here’s What You Need to Know

Posted by Neil Shah on Jun 10, 2015 3:35:00 PM

Kronos has officially released the newest version of their flagship product suite, Workforce Central 8. This upgrade completely reinvents the user experience and includes features that can be leveraged by workforces everywhere – no matter the industry.

At The WFC Group, our focus remains on ensuring that our clients are getting the most out of their workforce management solution, and Workforce Central 8 brings updates to help you achieve just this. 

Here’s what you should know:

What’s New?

The truth is there’s a lot that’s new with Workforce Central 8. We know many companies have been expecting a big change in the upgrade, and Kronos delivered: Workforce Central 8 is nearly Java free. The latest version leverages HTML5 technology that makes navigating the software a more straightforward, efficient process for employees. But there really is so much more to discover. In addition to an enhanced user experience, other new features of Workforce Central 8 include:

  • Improved Scheduling Features for All Industries – Companies can track schedules to avoid employee fatigue, improve employee scheduling fairness and gain greater visibility into task management.
  • Granular Insights with Reporting and Analytics – Workforce Central 8 provides organizations with in-depth insights into issues such as labor costs and compliance, with expanded capabilities in Operational Reporting and a Genie platform that is completely reinvented. These improvements empower organizations to look at data exactly how they need it, without having to use external resources.
  • Heightened Global Capabilities – Kronos is actively working to expand their international footprint, recognizing the unique requirements needed in each geographic area. Kronos has added a flurry of new enhancements to accommodate global HRM requirements, insuring global workforces remain compliant at all levels.
  • Employee Self Service – New improvements and new access allow employees to take ownership of their time through traditional mediums as well as through mobile, giving them the flexibility to manage their time (clocking in, clocking out, etc.) while on the go.
  • Historical Changes – While it’s never easy to manage change, historical changes to time and labor distribution are a reality in every industry. Kronos has completely rebuilt the historical edit functionality to make it easier to execute, while maintaining audit and control capabilities. They have also accounted for the impacts to modules such as Activities and Attendance.

In addition to these major changes listed above, there are other new features in virtually every module of Workforce Central 8 – there isn’t nearly enough room in this blog post to list them all! Contact us if you want to know more.

Why Should You Upgrade?

You may think your current platform works just fine, so why would you ever upgrade? Well, the new Kronos software:

  • Offers opportunities for optimization that you may not even know exist.
  • Allows you to have the confidence that your platform can be serviced by support, and continue to be serviced.
  • Is compatible with current hardware, software and virtualization platforms.

Our insight estimates that a significant number of Kronos customers have not yet made the move to Workforce Central 7.0, which means at some point they will fall out of support. It’s important that solutions are continuously evaluated, upgraded – we recommend every one to two years, if possible – and maintained to maximize their potential. Kronos’ Workforce Central 8 embodies the best of Kronos – and further builds on its top quality features that help you manage your workforce more efficiently.

Managing Kronos Upgrades with The WFC Group

At The WFC Group, we know how important employee productivity and workforce optimization can be. That’s why our consultants have learned the ins and outs of Kronos technology. Through a careful and calculated formula, we help you identify your needs, implement or upgrade Kronos software, train your workforce and provide custom integration and reporting with detailed insights as to how your workforce is operating.

The WFC Group has led, implemented and successfully completed Kronos upgrades in all verticals, for companies anywhere from 300 to 100,000 employees. As a Kronos Gold Certified partner, our skilled consultants help you harmonize your best of breed software solution with your business needs to achieve an optimized workforce, and help ensure you are using your software to the fullest capacity. To learn more about how The WFC Group can help you upgrade to Kronos Workforce Central 8, contact us today.

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