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Thinking About Moving to the Kronos Cloud?: What You Need to Know

Posted by Neil Shah on Jul 23, 2015 11:57:00 AM

If you leverage Kronos’ workforce management technology, Workforce Central, you’ve likely heard about users moving to the Cloud. Are you thinking about making the switch? At The WFC Group, our consultants have spent years perfecting their Kronos software knowledge, including working on many Cloud migrations, ensuring our clients were able to make a smooth transition.

Benefits of Moving Kronos to the Cloud

Here are a few benefits you can achieve by migrating your Kronos solution to the Cloud:

  • Enhanced System Maintenance – When your Kronos Workforce Central solution is hosted in the Cloud, you have access to everything – managing maintenance windows, system outages and more. This significantly increases the amount of control you have over your technology. With near constant access no matter what time zone you’re in, you can take care of any situation that comes up – anytime.
  • Improved Cost Efficiency – With everything hosted in the Cloud versus a self-hosted solution, your organization can eliminate unnecessary costs including installation, maintenance and upgrades.
  • Automated Upgrades – Never worry about whether or not your software is up-to-date again. Cloud deployment ensures that your solution is always current with the latest Kronos solution.

Move your Kronos Solution to the Cloud with The WFC Group

As a Cloud Certified Kronos Partner, The WFC Group can help you with your Cloud-hosted migration. Our consultants are seasoned experts in helping clients migrate their workforce management solutions to the cloud. We know the pitfalls because we’ve seen them all before. From start to finish, we can handle all configurations, pay rules, security controls, WIM interfaces, and changes/maintenance, as well as all new implementations and module set-ups.

Whether you know it now or not, a lot can go wrong when you move to the cloud. That’s why we specialize in helping users avoid the missteps and migration errors that could potentially arise when attempting to move from a self-managed solution to a Cloud-based one.

The WFC Group has led, implemented and successfully completed Kronos Cloud migrations in all industries, recently helping a client in the retail industry move Kronos to the Cloud, saving them an estimated $1.4 million dollars in operating costs and enhancing their workforce output.

To learn more about moving Kronos to the Cloud, contact us today.

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