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2018 in Workforce Management: The WFC Group Review

Posted by Neil Shah on Dec 18, 2018 11:45:00 AM

2018 review

As we countdown the days till the new year, we're recapping the major themes we observed over the course of the past 12 months. How did our early 2018 predictions stack up? Were there any surprising themes that pushed the workforce management discussion in exciting new directions? Let's dive in!

Correct Predictions:

  1. Kronos Dimensions Dominated Discussions 

    This one's no surprise to us. After the big announcement and launch at KronosWorks 2017, people were chatting it up throughout all of KronosWorks 2018. Quite a validating first year for the offering!

  2. Applying Analytics

    Data is the heart of the modern workplace, and the key to uncovering significant cost savings. It's also useful to more than just the managers at the top. Are you sharing performance analytics with your employees? Kronos even strengthened the analytics offering for the widely used Kronos Workforce Ready with the addition of a new People Analytics suite.

  3. Predictive Scheduling 

    Recent regulatory changes put predictive scheduling into the spotlight, with huge implications and opportunity for industries like retail.

  4. Process Automation 

    Companies are leaving the everyday administrative work to computers, allowing workers in manufacturing to focus on more productive work. Additional abilities to automate reports are creating a huge opportunity for monitoring regulatory compliance in the financial sector too, including customer-centric credit unions.

Additional 2018 Observations:

  1. Genuine Interest in Artificial Intelligence 

    Businesses holding out on key AI integrations may be put in a tight spot when savvy employees seek more advanced workplaces. Workforce solutions like Kronos Workforce Ready, Workforce Central and Workforce Dimensions offer valuable AI assistance, but adoption is made more efficient when workplace data systems are properly prepared.

  2. Management Under the Microscope 

    Strong workplace leadership is one of the most consistent themes of 2018. Workforce management can help make a difference in good and bad leadership within an organization. When managers have the opportunity to directly engage their employees, businesses have so much more to gain. With the rise of Millennials into leadership roles will likely bring about new dynamics within the workplace.

How did we do?

Did you notice any trends or topics that played an influential role on your business this year? We'd love to hear about it. Share the themes that interested you below!

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