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2021 Recovery By Numbers

Posted by Michael Turner on Jan 5, 2021 10:45:00 AM

2021 Recovery By Numbers










Revenue lost during 2020 must be recovered. Improving the WFM can help managers optimize their organization for 2021 recovery by engineering new capabilities in two key areas, employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

The direct correlation between customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction ought to demand a sharper focus in 2021. Revenue recovery and growth will depend on managing that connection by means of Workforce Management software.

For many years business analysts have known that employee satisfaction is a prerequisite to sustainable revenue growth. In fact, it is a main driver to the internal economic value of the company. Employee “engagement” produces quality customer service which in turn drives customer retention and loyalty.

To maximize 2021 recovery, company policy should factor the correlation between employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

A customized Workforce Management solution will be a significant contributor toward its organization’s 2021 recover and prosperity. Organizations who leverage them quickly can seize opportunity ahead of the competition.

We wrote earlier that employee satisfaction brought by a good WFM implementation drives productivity. But a WFM solution needs more if management is to get the full value from embedded opportunity.

Customer satisfaction, also empowered by better-than-average WFM configuration, drives revenue growth. By engineering both customer and employee satisfaction into its process early in 2021 an organization will improve its profit. Measuring it properly will greatly aid managers engaged in recovery strategies and tactics.

   -   This is precisely what the 2021 economy demands.

   -   This is exactly what a good WFM should be doing.

Shared Lessons

2020, for all its challenges, brought renewed attention to the fundamental business case for maximizing WFM potential-- for doing a superior job managing the organization’s employee and customer satisfaction. From our vantage as a WFM partner, we saw first-hand what strategies brought the better returns. The results we observed inside our clients validated our own results, which we intend to share.

Those businesses who fared well during the pandemic were the ones able to quickly adapt to dramatic workforce transformation. Ad hoc WFM customizations and integrations to modern business technology made the difference.

Look for an invitation to attend our webinar to help maximize business opportunity from professional WFM engineering. We intend to share WFM insights and tactics that will drive growth and impact in 2021.

The value accrual from improving the methods that engender and measure employee and customer engagement is a significant opportunity. Learn best-practices and techniques to incorporate into WFM that will drive solid business results.

The WFC Group believes that Workforce Management is a key asset that must be engineered to support and extend the business’ objectives. Continuous process improvement makes significant contribution toward that end.

Seize 2021 growth opportunity by engineering customer and employee satisfaction through WFM customization from The WFC Group.

We are confident of WFM’s contribution to a 2021 recovery and have dedicated human and technical assets to help clients achieve their goals.

Talk to us about how to achieve greater profits and market impact by designing new methods for driving productivity and customer loyalty.

Thank you for reading.

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