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3 Additional Benefits of Upgrading to Flash-free Kronos Workforce Central 8.1.3 Before the Q4 Rush

Posted by Neil Shah on Jan 21, 2020 11:45:00 AM

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If you've followed our previous posts, you'll already know that the demise of Adobe Flash is imminent (by the end of this year). We're not trying to sound alarmist, but this quickly approaching change will greatly impact the technology businesses rely on for their day-to-day operations, including their workforce management solutions.

Fortunately, for Kronos Workforce Central customers, the solution may be as straightforward as upgrading to version 8.1.3 or later before Adobe and internet browsers put Flash to bed later this year. Whether you're coming from WFC 6.2, WFC 7.0, or an earlier version of WFC 8.0, there is a lot more to be excited about that Workforce Central 8.1.3 has to offer than simply being Flash-free.

The leap may differ greatly depending on what version you're upgrading from, but improvement is the name of Kronos's game, and 8.1.3's benefits are clear:

  1. Smash More Barriers to Workforce Mobility

    Flash was never truly compatible beyond the desktop, so by ditching Flash for the modern HTML5 standard, WFC 8.1.3 is able to offer Kronos customers and their employee’s fully untethered accessibility. On top of these improvements, 8.1.3 also boasts an optimized User Interface across all devices, providing employees and managers a more intuitive experience wherever they need it most — confusion begone! 
  2. Improve Administrative Expediency With More Automation

    People managers and human resources administrators hold a lot of responsibility, and both their employees and business executive depend on their dutiful vigilance. WFC 8.1.3 introduces even more ways for managers to issue approvals for employee requests on-the-fly or even in batches, as well as automated scheduling processes with quick and easy oversight.
  3. Secure Long-term Support

    When Kronos released WFC 8.1 at the beginning of 2018, it came with a huge investment toward continued development and a promise to support the suite for at least 10 years. This is a significant commitment, considering the usual cycle of supporting up to two previous WFC versions. However, the functionality of versions prior to WFC 8.1 with Service Pack 3 can no longer be ensured when 2020 draws to a close and both Adobe and browser developers disable Flash media for good. Kronos's commitment to supporting versions 8.1.3 and above as the new Flash-free entry-level extends through 2027 by that count.

Which Version of Workforce Central Do you Currently Use?

As mentioned, the necessary shift will affect customers differently depending on which previous version they are already accustomed to. But knowing what to expect in advance can help make the transition so much easier. As Kronos Partners steeped in the Workforce Central Suite, we want to help you establish a clear understanding of what changes 8.1.3 has in store for you.

The team at The WFC Group is here to provide free consultation support to any Workforce Central customers preparing to make the inevitable leap to 8.1.3. Our help starts by understanding your needs, goals, and which release if most familiar to you, so you can better anticipate the changes and make the most out of your 8.1.3 implementation before flipping the switch.

Connect with a member of The WFC Group here!

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