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3 Complex Woes for Workforce Management

Posted by Neil Shah on Oct 9, 2018 11:45:00 AM

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When a company’s workforce management solution becomes a source of frustration, it's bound to have an increasingly poor effect on its overall work environment. In this situation, it's important for that business’s leaders to respond quickly and develop a plan of action to avoid hindrance to productivity and an irrecoverable dip in morale.

A business’s leadership should step back, analyze the current systems making up its overall solution and consult its teams on whether these systems are helping or hurting the ability to work effectively and efficiently. Then align what has been learned from this analysis with well-defined business goals to determine the appropriate course of action. The path to unraveling the complexities of a failing workforce management solution begins by applying one of the following three approaches.

A Little More

Many businesses fall into the trap of being cautious or conservative when it comes to workforce management implementations. The thought of how much implementing a new solution might cost is enough to cause businesses to think they're fine with what they have, but it's easy to forget the cost of lost productivity as a result. Sometimes a business’s shortcoming is out of hesitance to activate new and improved features for the systems already entrusted. Both instances can be put into context with an honest third-party assessment, resulting in a clear course of action (upgrade existing or implement more) to get the most out of the systems designed for the overall solution to help optimize that business’s workforce management efforts.

A Little Less

Conversely, some businesses go overboard when implementing their workforce management solution. Maybe they're quick to buy into the appealing promises of a new solution set. Some may have been misled by a lofty sales pitch on a technology that doesn't make sense for their business. In these cases, the burden on workforce management comes down to whether the systems composing the solution employed are redundant or don't integrate well together. When the workforce management solution isn’t working for a business’s distinct benefit, then there will be inefficiencies to iron or cut out. It is advisable to take a step back, uncover what an ideal core workforce management solution should be, and build out from there.

A Little Something Different

As a business grows and evolves, changes will inevitably affect whether its workforce management solution’s infrastructure can keep up. While it's understandable that leaders want to make solution investments work for as long as possible, a blind commitment to that ideal may cloud their ability to recognize the need for change. Being slow to adapt ends up costing a business more due to lost productivity and employee engagement. It's important to recognize when the paths between a business’s needs and its workforce management solution diverge in order to proactively pave the way for an improved infrastructure.

Which Solution is Right?

Every business is different, so gathering internal feedback is essential in these situations. Only once the many perspectives are understood from across an organization can it then be determined how best to address improvement. This undertaking is often one that leaders prefer not to burden their internal teams with, so The WFC Group, as workforce management consultants, regularly get invited to step in, talk with stakeholders, and assess the situation. This approach comes with the added advantage of The WFC Group having a keen eye on the workforce management landscape, meaning we are able to pinpoint uncommon challenges and tie them to specific recommendations tailored to each business we serve.

Truth is, there's so much more that goes into troubleshooting a workforce management solution, and it may involve a combination of the approaches above to get the best results. Our team is always happy to provide an honest assessment of workforce management setups and recommend a strategy for delivering a solution that's satisfactory from top to bottom. Have any workforce management frustrations that need to be addressed? Reach out, and our team will be happy to help.

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