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3 Signs a Managed Kronos Solution is Right for Your Business

Posted by Neil Shah on Feb 25, 2020 10:45:00 AM


Decisions, decisions. Workforce management is filled with decisions. And some of those decisions could save you and your team a lot of extra time and stress. Do you host and service your solutions on-site, or do services in the cloud make more sense for you?

Are you prepared to bear the duty of staying up-to-date and put the latest features into action, or would the watchful eye of a platform expert help keep you focused only on the changes that are relevant to you?

These decisions don't have to be a lonely venture. In fact, they're often better made with a little outside help. With the fast-changing nature of workforce management offerings today, third-party support is proving beneficial for much more than just enterprise-wide implementations. Rather, some Kronos customers find advantages in managed services—meaning teaming up with a Kronos Service Partner like The WFC Group to proactively administer, optimize, and educate on their chosen solution to keep them ahead at every curve.

If you or your team are experiencing any of these following signs, a managed service model may help you maximize the benefits of your Kronos implementation.

#1: You Spend Too Much Time Trying To "Fix" Your Solution

Every minute spent trying to tweak or mend your solution is another minute taken away from the actual work that propels your business forward. When things aren't working as you wish, the speedier the solution the better. Not to mention, your internal IT resources already carry the burden of daily support requests for countless employee devices, individual software licenses, etc. 

With a managed service model, you gain direct oversight by platform experts, ready to fix problems as they arise and make necessary improvements to prevent further issues. Whereas internal resources may not have immediate answers, requiring a chain of outreach, managed services provide quick insight into present challenges and help you solve them without disrupting your IT department's many other responsibilities.

#2: You Often Find Yourself With More Questions Than Answers

There are plenty of resources available for Kronos customers to independently champion their workforce management solutions from within. The Kronos Community is a great source of discussion and support. But it's not always easy to secure real customized feedback or insight, which could be confusing when trying to determine what does or doesn't apply to your implementation or configuration.

Managed services however allow a provider like us to understand your implementation in the exact context of how it works for your business. This gives you the added benefit of direct, customized support to better utilize and optimize your solution, leaving you with fewer questions or doubts around how it fits into your unique goals. 

#3: Updates Happen Faster Than You Can Keep Up With

The advancement of Kronos's solutions never stops. Improvements are made and dispatched frequently, so it's all too easy to overlook important changes and miss out on the benefits. We understand how keeping up can be frustrating, unless it's literally your job (like ours).

With a partner like The WFC Group by your side, you'll learn about upcoming relevant changes, how best to prepare, and how to use them to your greatest advantage as soon as they take effect. No more playing catch-up.

Does More Direct Support Sound Right for You?

Whether you're choosing a new workforce management system, or looking to get more out of what you already have, you've certainly got your decisions cut out for you. One of the most important decisions you will make is whether the burden of acquiring, maintaining, and updating your solution falls on your internal resources in IT. Alternatively, managed services can help keep their focus on the greater challenges that impact the performance of your day to day business. 

Get answers on how managed services can specifically benefit your business with a free consultation. Together, we can help you get more out of your Kronos solution with a smart, managed configuration that's ready to adapt for the road ahead.

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