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3 Ways to Assess the Success of Your Current Workforce Management Solutions

Posted by Neil Shah on Aug 20, 2019 10:45:00 AM

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There was a time when workforce management was seen almost entirely as administering time cards and approvals.

In those days, the standard operation was to "set it and forget it." But now workforce management has evolved to answer the greater needs of business productivity and efficiency. And with the increasing pace of software and business evolution, businesses must not forget to regularly assess how well their daily productivity tools are helping to achieve both the business's goals and fulfilling the needs of its workforce. 

While comprehensive needs assessments are a solution we specialize in as workforce management consultants, there are many ways for business leaders to conduct their own cursory checks on the status of their workforce management efficiency. And the most important information often comes straight from the people who use the tools and solutions most: employees. 

Here are three survey frameworks managers can employ to gather and assess different employee perspectives regarding their day-to-day administrative tools and determine the strongest course of action.

1.) Ask Employees "Yes or No" Questions Regarding Business Goals

As long as the goals of any business are clear, team members at any level can weigh in whether they have what they need to best achieve them. 

  • Do you find your timekeeping easy to access/manage?
  • Do technical difficulties interrupt your work?

2.) Have Employees Grade Solution Performance to Reveal Trends

Efficiency can be analyzed on an opinion scale (for example: 1–5). By asking employees to rate their experiences with key solutions, managers can find consistent pain points to address. 

  • I can quickly log my hours to specific project codes.
  • I can access and view my benefits elections with ease.

3.) Ask Open-ended Questions to Uncover Additional Concerns (e.g., Cultural, etc.)

While surveys with tightly guided questions can help solve problem areas that are already expected, there's incredible value to eliciting broader employee perspective through open-ended questions. Sifting through these types of responses may be more time-consuming, but not enough can be said for being able to see how individual aspirations and their available solutions have on the well-being of a company and its people. 

Go Even Deeper with a Needs AssessmentThere's so much more at play than a survey can tell you. That's were a needs assessment by expert consultants comes in. Our workforce management experts can provide guidance on what optimizations serve individual workers, whole departments and administrators best. Reach out to discuss the impact a full needs assessment could have for your business today.

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