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3 Ways to Gain Support for Workforce Management Changes

Posted by Neil Shah on May 31, 2017 11:30:00 AM


Before even settling on a new solution, the single act of proposing changes to a workforce management system is a huge task. It's important to realize that there are many more stakeholders involved than just leadership. By gathering viewpoints from every level of usership, you can prime yourself with a comprehensive case for upgrading or implementing a new workforce management solution. Here are a few tips to help start building your case:

Conduct a Cross-departmental Survey

Workforce management is going to be viewed quite differently from department to department. It's important to understand what about your current solution works well or could work better from multiple perspectives. This includes everyone from the HR specialists tasked with building your teams, to the IT department who handles your technology infrastructure, and even operational staff - the people who use these systems daily to log time, track their benefits, adjust scheduling and much, much more. Each of these internal stakeholders may offer surprising new points of improvement to consider. Understanding these varied perspectives will help you to devise a more effective management configuration.

Evaluate Benefits versus Cost

What do you have to gain by updating your workforce management systems? Greater productivity and profitability are an obvious goal, but don't forget about the goals of your employee base. Will your changes:

  • Increase flexibility and mobility for workers (scheduling, timekeeping and more)?
  • Improve accountability through better data management?
  • Identify opportunities for operational efficiencies and compliance?

Alternatively, will the operational gains justify the cost of implementation? By projecting a measurable impact, you can sway the support of business leaders in moving forward with a helpful, new solution. It is also worth communicating additional advantages a solutions provides, like those hosted in the Cloud. For instance, cloud-based Kronos workforce solutions provide automatic rollout of the most up-to-date applications in real-time. They also relieve internal IT teams of upkeep responsibilities, allowing them to focus on more productive measures for a company's technology infrastructure.

Get an Outside Perspective

When you work impossibly close to workforce solutions and implementation like we do, there's always something new we can add to the conversation around available options. Plus, we really love putting together the pieces to create a solution that performs best for each unique business. There are many ways we can help as an outside consultant:

  • Knowing the right questions to ask (even some tough ones)
  • Identifying unseen opportunities for optimization
  • Confidently guiding you through to successful implementation
  • And more!

If you're considering changes, we'd love to hear what an ideal solution might do for you. Our consultants and implementation specialists are always eager to bring new options to the table.

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