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5 HR Headaches and our Software Solutions

Posted by Neil Shah on Sep 14, 2016 11:30:00 AM


Attending HR Tech in Chicago October 4-7? The WFC Group will be there with a booth in the expo hall (contact us to set up a meeting!), ready to speak with HR executives who are having challenges with their workforce management software. Not attending? That's okay. When we talk with HR professionals, we often hear of several challenges that drive them to seek ways to optimize their business processes:

1. Automation Accuracy

We are surprised to hear how many processes in HR are still done manually. From timekeeping to payroll, these are labor intensive and are at high risk of human error. Using software such as Kronos to automate your systems not only saves HR professionals valuable time, but it also ensures more accurate results, which makes for happier employees. 

2. Compliance Consistency

Keeping accurate information about who worked where, when and for how long helps ensure an organization stays within union or legislative requirements. Things get even more complicated if a company has locations and employees in different states. With workforce management systems, HR professionals can manage information in real-time, and have accurate records to prove compliance to authorities, if necessary.

3. Absence Management

Timekeeping and payroll can be simple when there aren’t any irregularities, but once you add in leaves of absence, vacations and sick days, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of every employee. A powerful system streamlines all this information and helps HR professionals ensure they provide their employees the proper benefits.

4. Data Specifics

HR professionals are often eager for analytics that can help to identify behavior patterns, such as how many people will be off work at a specific time. Analytics can also help managers focus on which employees have the proper skill set for the job. Without this, HR executives are left scrambling to manually review this data.

5. Broad Integration

Most HR executives have a HR/Payroll system in place for their organization, but many systems are not integrated with their timekeeping software. System integration ensures all software works together and smoothly, eliminating the headaches of getting information from one software to the other. We’ve integrated hundreds of different software programs with Kronos – there’s isn’t an integration we can’t handle!

We’re looking forward to helping HR executives address these issues and more, face to face at HR Tech in Chicago. Contact us to set up a meeting on-site, or stop by our booth (#2451) to chat. Not attending HR Tech? We’re always happy to talk to you (for free) about any issues you are having – so contact us today!