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AI is Ready for Workforce Management, But Is Your Company Ready for AI?

Posted by Neil Shah on Feb 13, 2018 10:30:00 AM

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Ready or not, here it comes. Actually, artificial intelligence is already here, integrated into much of the latest equipment and software solutions businesses rely on. No industry is immune. Any business operation can be automatically monitored, processed and analyzed by AI, making actionable insights out of otherwise unstructured data quickly. Many businesses are already benefiting from automated AI integrations. A recent study by Infosys called "Leadership in the Age of AI" found that 90 percent of surveyed C-level execs already witness measurable results from the use of AI in their organization.

We believe workforce management presents some of the greatest opportunities for businesses to use AI in cutting back unnecessary manual tasks. Here are three ways you can prepare your organization for making effective use of AI for workforce management.

  1. Make Sure Your Data Is Ready

A preventable challenge is in not having data streams prepared to make the most of new AI system's capabilities. If your systems aren't data-ready, then having AI about as good as a buffet table behind a wall of glass with a "Do Not Eat" sign. Nearly 50 percent of executives and IT decision makers surveyed in the Infosys study admitted to not having data management ready for adoption and deployment of effective solutions—and many were hiring specialists to bring their data into the fold. Workforce management tools as an example, these challenges of data could likely be the result of historic reliance on multiple systems instead of integrated solutions like Kronos to handle important processes like scheduling, timekeeping and more.

  1. Get Employees On Board

One of the big fears surrounding AI and any sort of automation is that it could replace someone's job, but instead it's actually an important tool for focusing labor on tasks that really matter. This is especially the case in workforce management applications, where AI integrations help cut down the predictable, day-to-day processes that eat up employees' time away from productive work that's more valuable. Employee outreach can shift perspectives on how AI augmentation improves their daily work and will have your team looking for ways to use AI in more exciting ways.

  1. Assign a Champion for AI

Businesses are often met with the challenge for finding the skilled staff required to wrangle AI-enhanced software. The quick development and adoption of AI has elevated many IT departments, but many have been slow to adapt. Having an internal or third-party resource that specializes in configuring and overseeing AI-boosted solutions could ease the burdens of unfamiliar, new systems on your workforce.

Machine-learning and AI are an integral part of today's workforce technology. One of the most exciting announcements last year came with the unveiling of Kronos Workforce Dimensions which features Workforce Advisor, an industry-first AI assistant designed to help managers spend more time on valuable, strategic initiatives. We're super excited at what this means for all sorts of businesses, because enabling workforces to perform even greater than before is truly at the heart of what we do as a company. If you'd like to discuss what an AI solution could help your workforce management accomplish, we're always eager to talk!

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