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Always Improving: Evaluate Current Use of Kronos to Better Reach Goals

Posted by Neil Shah on Oct 18, 2016 11:30:00 AM


OK – so you’ve been using Kronos for some time and it’s made life easier. Is it possible that things could get even better?

Here’s a few things to think about …

  • Are there areas that could run more smoothly?
  • Is all the software you’re using integrated properly?
  • Is the software giving you the most thorough, accurate and useful information?

No matter how long you’ve been using Kronos, The WFC Group’s Needs Assessment solution dives deep, providing a complete evaluation of how Kronos is currently being run, and how specific changes could benefit your organization and help reach your goals.

How It Works

Our Needs Assessment solution is a real-time, exhaustive analysis of Kronos in your business. A WFC Group Implementation Expert will take a look at everything Kronos touches — from mobile devices to payroll systems, from management to the ground floor, and explore four main areas:

  • User Engagement: Are there ways employees could be more engaged?
  • System Performance: Is everything running as efficiently and smoothly as possible?
  • Business Process Alignment: Are your processes that are already in place working well? Could they be improved or do additional processes need to be created?
  • Enhancement Options: Have you thought about specific Kronos services that could help you move forward more efficiently? You may not know they even existed! We’ll take your specific hurdles and goals into consideration to help find you a solution.

After running through every code and analyzing every process, our expert team will create a full report with all findings and relevant recommendations. In the end, you’ll know what’s working, what isn’t and what you can do to improve your Kronos experience.

OK, is this really worth it?

A Healthcare Example: In working with a hospital client, our implementation experts may find that, despite using Kronos to schedule employees, there’s still a manual process of placing qualified people in specific roles. We may recommend streamlining these processes so you always know that authorized employees are filling certain shifts.

A Manufacturing Example: A Needs Assessment with a factory client uncovers a lack of engagement with employees. Even though Kronos has been implemented for scheduling, staff may go straight to management or use a manual system to work out schedules. The Needs Assessment may recommend a specific training program to encourage employee-wide use of the software.

A Retail Example: In working with a brick and mortar store, we may find that, while the client is using Kronos for day-to-day scheduling and payroll, they aren’t harnessing the big data for long-term forecasting. This leads to last minute, manual changes when seasons bring in more or fewer shoppers. We would recommend specific software enhancements and process changes to make automatic and data-driven schedules in the future.

If you’re noticing gaps in your Kronos use or if you just don’t know what you don’t know, let’s talk about a Needs Assessment.

Don’t forget – We’ll be at KronosWorks this year in Orlando, helping to address these exact type of pain points. Schedule a meeting with us, and speak with one of our experts about Needs Assessments, Kronos integrations, or any other workforce management needs you may have.

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