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Always Ready for Takeoff: The Importance of Workforce Management in Airports

Posted by Neil Shah on Sep 26, 2017 11:30:00 AM

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If there's one thing airports can't get enough of, it's efficiency — moving people from gate to gate and flights in and out safely, with comfort and at a reasonable cost. At the heart of achieving this are many hardworking people nationwide (1.2 million of them across 485 commercial airports) — and someone has the responsibility to keep them all taken care of. Thankfully, workforce management solutions today are well-suited to the large scale needs of these important aviation hubs and the people that serve them.

Overseeing Thousands of Personnel with Ease

From the top of air traffic control to the baggage handling personnel behind the scenes, airports' internal infrastructure is vast. As noted in the article above, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the biggest employer in Georgia with 63,000 employees on site. Even when leaving out airline and vendor employees, what's left is still a lot of time and attendance, scheduling, benefits, record keeping and more to manage. Not to mention the regular process of hiring to fill roles or liaising with third party vendors and their workforces across each terminal. Having the right tools in hand to process every employee's essentials is an important task workforce management systems help keep on track.

Keeping Organizations Responsibly Compliant

Whether human resources teams are engaging both unionized and nonunion employees or maintaining with the latest regional laws and requirements, great workforce systems like Kronos have been made for compliance at their core. Working with many parties to keep operations on the path to greater efficiency — all while wholly adhering to strict guidelines set in place — can be aided by a workforce infrastructure configured to local, regional & national requirements as well as collective agreements from the start.

Enabling Efficiency Behind the Scenes

From the tarmac to the terminal, when employees have their basic administrative needs covered, conditions are right for productivity — with minimal turbulence. Comprehensive workforce management prepares the people on the ground and in the offices with the necessary framework, like lights on a runway, to enable their best work.

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