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Attract Innovative Talent with Workforce Management that Lets Employees and Candidates Flex Their Best

Posted by Neil Shah on Aug 27, 2019 10:45:00 AM


Great talent is not difficult to find, but it is incredibly difficult to attract. And the best candidates can afford to be picky.

Their candidate experience is a strong indicator of what their experience as an employee may be like, and any red flags could send them packing. 

If an innovative workplace is what candidates seek, and an innovative workplace is what a business promises to be, then the candidate and employee experience needs to reflect commitment to innovation from the get-go — not reveal pesky limitations.

Innovative Workplace By Design

The story behind the development of Kronos's newest workforce management solution Workforce Dimensions (recently covered on Forbes), is a great example of the importance of both technology's role in empowering workplace trust and the incredible benefits modern workforce management can offer employers in return. 

The concept for Dimensions was the result of Kronos employees being tasked open-endedly with making all other Kronos offerings obsolete. The resulting platform features reflect many of the values today's workforce seeks (for employees and managers alike).

  • Cloud-based: Accessible from anywhere and always primed with the latest updates/improvements, meaning administrative processes and productivity tools never become outdated.
  • Mobile-first: Designed for intuitive access across employee's preferred devices, from mobile phones to tablets and laptops for easy administration whenever and wherever makes sense — never tethered to a desktop.
  • AI-powered: Data-assisted automation for greater expediency (scheduling optimization, requests & approvals, etc.) to help maintain focus on more important, productive tasks.

Although this platform development was just one part of Kronos's overall business operation, they continue to be considered a top workplace, period. The willingness to show trust in its talend and hand over the reins to make a difference resonates broadly in their impressive employee retention and low turn-over. Through the solutions Kronos provides, other businesses can achieve improvements to their own talent attraction and retention.

Don't Limit Candidates' Potential

Hiring and onboarding is now an integral piece of the overall workforce management solution set. Whether implementing Workforce Dimensions, Workforce Ready, Workforce Central or another solution, the capabilities of each platform should match both what existing and potential employees aspire for in their workplace. 

With the help of expert workforce consultants like ours, each solution (existing or newly implemented) can be configured to provide a reasonable level of room for employees to flex their innovative muscles and to provide the appropriate expectations in the hiring and onboarding process to draw in and keep top quality candidates engaged — and continue to deliver on the promise of their candidate experience. 

Don't lose out on quality talent by letting outdated workforce management solutions cripple candidates and employees' ability to see themselves grow and make a difference long-term with your business. Talk to one of our industry-specialized consultants about improving your workforce technology today!

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