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Bring Scalability and Accountability to the Public Sector with Workforce Management

Posted by Neil Shah on Aug 13, 2019 11:45:00 AM


In the public sector, something may never change. Budgets will always be a battle, and the creativity needed to stretch every dollar to maintain expected service under increasing scrutiny will continue putting agencies in a pinch.

But even amid these pressures, leaders at every level, from agencies to cities and states, can uncover efficiencies where the most consistent expenses reside. 

Labor is the #1 line item expense in most public sector organizations, making it the biggest opportunity for uncovering efficiencies. The solution, however, goes beyond optimizing time and attendance. Today's comprehensive workforce management offerings deliver unprecedented scalability for the complex and interconnected network of public sector organizations.

Streamlining Administration with Centralized Workforce Management

The latest workforce management solutions, such as the ones we implement, offer greater data accessibility and control to businesses than ever before. And with so many levels of operation between small municipalities and entire states, agencies need fast ways to program workforce management in ways that adhere differently to anywhere they operate.

The public sector is unique in its calls for accountability — which is no easy task for a system that employs numerous workforces across municipalities, counties and states. Flexibility has become a cornerstone of modern workforce management solutions, allowing organizations to meet expectations across county and state borders by easily configuring multiple workforces within a singular system. By implementing a cloud-based solution like Kronos Workforce solutions, organizations can quickly ensure that regional regulations are met with full compliance at every local level while having the means to quickly adapt to local and federal legislative changes.

Accountability Through Data Visibility

Remember when workforce administration was a reactive process, requiring data to be manually processed and calculated to produce trends? Now, the latest solutions put real-time and predictive data into the hands of administrators — instant proof of trends that need to be addressed. For organizations that answer heavily to auditors and overseers nitpicking every penny spent on their operation, having data at the ready to make proactive decisions shifts power back into the hands of the agency leaders and employee managers. Workforce management solutions can parse daily productivity and performance data and produce countless visualizations that help leaders contextualize their operational efficiency to further optimize their service and costs.

In a recent piece for, Linda Misegadis from Kronos Inc. dove into more reasons workforce management is integral to public sector business transformation. Dive in to explore more reasons to manage your civil workforce, and reach out to discuss how The WFC Group can help deliver a workforce management solution for you.

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