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Case Study: Implement Today, Train for Tomorrow

Posted by Neil Shah on Feb 28, 2017 11:30:00 AM

Case Study Screenshot.png

While it’s exciting to learn about and use new technology that makes our lives easier, sometimes so much change is just plain overwhelming. This can feel true when implementing Kronos, a powerful and robust tool for workforce management.

We recently worked through this issue with one of our clients, LBMC Employment Partners. They came to us in the midst of a large-scale implementation of Kronos with their client. 

In this case study, our client cheered our level of expertise and the flexible solutions we offer every client. Here are some of the benefits LBMC received: 

  • Increased efficiency, and quicker speed to go live thanks to fast response times
  • Transfer of knowledge to LBMC assisting in future Kronos Workforce Ready implementations
  • Client retention and increased trust. What began as a challenging accord between LBMC and their client, transformed into a well-preserved and extremely satisfied relationship.

Indeed, we pride ourselves in our ability to develop unique solutions to meet the exact needs of every client. Whichever stage you find yourself in, from exploration to implementation, we can smooth the process and prepare you to use Kronos efficiently and expertly.


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