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Case Study: Strengthening Task Management Across Multiple Storefronts

Posted by Neil Shah on Jul 25, 2017 11:30:00 AM

TCS Baybrook_0188.jpgCredit: The Container Store

No store is an island in the world of retail. Chain operators see value in delivering a consistent experience no matter which location a shopper may choose to visit, and a lot of that comes down to overseeing employees and their productivity in completing important tasks. When each storefront runs as tight a ship as the rest, the whole ship floats — but how can the captains in HQ make sure no one gets lost at sea?

 All Aboard, The Container Store

A centralized task management system with dashboards was the solution regional and corporate managers at The Container Store desired. After considering options and consulting with our retail specialist, Kronos Workforce Task Management module rose to the top for its integration with the Kronos scheduling module they had already put to good use. We set to task implementing the solution across The Container Store's shops (view the full case study here). Together, we knew the benefits were clear:

  • Uncluttering Communication

    Moving task assignment out of busy inboxes was an important goal for managers. Organizing, distributing and confirming tasks with email was not only stressful, but it was riddled with its own risks that hindered productivity.
  • Increased Visibility Into Project Statuses

    From daily tasks like inventory to special storewide assignments for sales promotions, centralizing task delegation and monitoring to a real-time dashboard showed incredible promise at streamlining management between regional offices and widespread storefronts.
  • Measure Actual Time to Completion

    One understated benefit of task management solutions is important analytics that help managers understand the actual time cost of certain tasks. This can help management give more efficient direction, choose employees well-suited to a task or provide additional training for employee skill development.

These benefits and more all add up to greater productivity, making way for greater profitability. If you run a retail operation and are considering task management solutions or improving your workforce management system altogether, our experts have extensive experience in implementing and integrating solutions to work with the platforms you already trust. We're always ready to help you reach your goals, so give us a call.

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