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Confidence in Your Kronos System: Our Training Solutions

Posted by Neil Shah on Sep 7, 2016 11:30:00 AM


You’ve purchased your Kronos software – implemented it, tested it, and you’re ready to finally Go Live. Have you thought about an extremely important element necessary to ensure everyone in your company knows how to use the software? At The WFC Group, one of the most important and popular solutions we offer our clients, from small and medium businesses to large, multi-site corporations, is training. We develop a unique and customized training program that equips everyone, at every level, with the confidence and clarity they need to use Kronos effectively.


Your Kronos software was a significant investment, and you’re eager to see the return on investment: better efficiency, management of labor costs, smoother scheduling operations, and more focus on profitable systems. Rolling out Kronos without proper training can lead to implementation lag, redundancy and frustrating communication issues. If you’ve been scheduling, managing payroll, or running other systems manually, an automated system can feel disconnected or overwhelming initially. Address concerns and dispel inaccurate information by equipping all your employees with the knowledge they need to use Kronos. Doing so will ensure effective change management moving forward.


At The WFC Group, we offer customized training programs based on your needs. In some cases we offer on-site training conducted by one of our implementation specialists who have years of experience in your field and in the training space. In other cases, we provide a “Train the Trainer” solution in which our specialists train your managers with the information they need to go back to your company to prepare and train your staff.

All our training programs, whether on site, train the trainer or another customized plan, are built for your specific company needs. Is the software overwhelming in general? Are you anxious about getting production floor staff on board? Are your managers concerned about implementation? We create a solution that meets your specific needs or concerns. We also leave you with quick reference guides, tailored to your company, to act as an ongoing resource as everyone grows in familiarity with Kronos.


We invite you to take a look at some of our case studies in which we worked with our clients to develop a custom training solution that prepared their employees to use Kronos. The first is a Global Manufacturing company. The second is Sheetz, a national convenience store chain.

Kronos is a powerful, customizable efficiency tool, but it can cause lag or frustration if everyone is not prepared and trained to use it well. Learn more about our Kronos partnership here, and set your company up for success with our custom Kronos training solutions. Contact us today.

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