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Considering a WFM Makeover? Ask Yourself These Three Questions.

Jim Wagner
Posted by Jim Wagner on May 4, 2021 10:45:00 AM

Considering a WFM Makeover Ask Yourself These Three Questions.










If it’s been more than a couple of years, your company has likely undergone some changes since you implemented your current Workforce Management System. You might even be starting to question if your current system is still working for you and considering a makeover. Legislative changes, mergers, acquisitions, collective bargaining amendments, and outdated systems are common catalysts for organizations to start thinking seriously about an upgrade.

And, if one or more of those aren’t enough, this should be: A recent study by Nucleus found that for every dollar spent on WFM, companies make back $12.24. That’s right, folks, a 12-fold ROI, and the average payback period is less than five months. If you weren’t sold on an upgrade before reading that stat, you probably are now. But before you dive in, here are three critical questions to ask yourself: 

Question 1: What Do You Want From Your New System?

While you may have a significant reason for a makeover, like a merger or a union contract, this is also the perfect time to ask what you want and need from your WFM. If you have to put in the work to make a change anyway, you might as well make it worthwhile. 

Many organizations are rethinking their WFM systems right now, especially as we begin to think about life and work after COVID-19. Companies want better ways to manage time, attendance, leave, scheduling, analytics, and more. What do YOU want for your organization? Determining your goals will help get your WFM makeover off on the right foot. 

Question 2: Who’s Going to Help You?

Unless you have a professional background in WFM, chances are you don’t have the technical experience or knowledge of best practices to DIY your upgrade. Fortunately, service professionals out there (like us at the WFC Group) live and breathe WFM. 

That’s right, we dream at night about seeing your workforce thrive and your bank account expand. Isn’t that what you want in a service partner? In all seriousness, the right partner will optimize efficiency and help you get your upgrade right the first time. And, you’ll be more likely to see that 12-fold payback. 

Question 3: Who’s Going to Support Your New WFM System?

We ask every client that we implement systems for this question, and, more often than not, they don’t have a great answer. There is a continuous need for changes, updates, and enhancements in an organization with a dynamic workforce. To stay competitive, someone needs to have clear ownership of support and maintenance. The good news is that you don’t need to hire or train a team of people to do this.

Our Comprehensive Support Solutions is designed to eliminate the need for a dedicated internal support team. We take care of day-to-day support and maintenance and work with our clients to build a strategic roadmap for enhancements and changes. If your organization is ready to give your organization a WFM makeover, get in touch with us to talk about how our team can reduce your expenses and improve your support.

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