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Count on The WFC Group for Your RFP Assist

Posted by Neil Shah on Jun 6, 2017 11:30:00 AM


Writing a Request for Proposal is no easy process, especially when it involves vetting workforce management systems. As reputable WFM implementers and a Kronos Accredited Partner, we've answered many. Throughout these experiences, we've come to understand what makes for strong RFPs — the kind that result in decisively clear workforce management solutions and strong partnerships. As consultants, we've been happy to assist with every stage of RFP development, from final assessment to drafting the document altogether, lifting disruptive burdens from businesses. Here are a couple valuable lessons we'd like to share.

Define Your Current Situation In Great Detail

It's important for your potential partners to understand the exact state of your business, from current solutions in play to important policies that should be adhered to. Don't let any stone (or department) go unturned. Payroll, timekeeping, scheduling and talent acquisition are just the beginning of what should be considered.

Set Clear Expectations

The RFP is your chance to communicate specifics about what you know you need out of your new WFM solution. Defining clear parameters around the success of your implementation and how to measure its returns helps potential partners make stronger proposals on how to achieve them. A needs assessment can help identify key results you should incorporate into your request, and other internal stakeholders may be able to provide additional perspective on ideal outcomes or other important questions to ask.

Don't Hesitate to Ask for Help

Just as employees who experience WFM tools daily can provide additional insight, expert consultants like the friendly folks here at The WFC Group, can make a huge difference in the strength of your in-depth request. We've seen the peace of mind a little extra help can provide. And when we're tasked with taking on the assessment and drafting of an RFP, it limits the disruption to ongoing business, allowing employees to stay focused on productive tasks that impact the bottom line.

We're willing to step in early to develop an RFP. Just as we're always happy to propose our recommended solutions. If you'd like some extra sets of eyes for language before launching or you could use some greater RFP assistance, we at The WFC Group are always eager to help. Simply drop us a line!

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