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Current Workforce Solution Accessibility Prepares Businesses for Change Later

Posted by Neil Shah on Jul 17, 2018 11:45:00 AM

Several important undercurrents are changing the face of tomorrow's workforce today:

  • The labor shortage is growing, meaning pressure is on for businesses to offer greater appeal through benefits and operational considerations (e.g., disability accommodations).
  • Planned retirement age is rising for a few reasons—both out of necessity (retirement savings recovery after the great recession) and by choice (a cultural shift toward pursuing purpose in work that aligns with personal beliefs and values).

Business leaders can anticipate and adequately prepared for these trends (and more) through key changes to workplace infrastructure, such as improved workforce management usability and accessibility for older, skilled workers.

Proactive Accessibility Supports Long-term Workplace Goals

Businesses are recognizing their need for talent, but not all are willing to ensure they are set up to support the available workforce, even now. There are many workers, young and old, who are both capable and experienced yet who also experience some disability. There's no real age threshold for when vision, hearing, or other physical abilities may degenerate, affecting productivity as a result, so supporting a workplace with solutions that have built-in accessibility will go a long way to support employees (and their safety) of any age who rely on differently assisted tools and resources.

Accessible Workforce Management Solutions for Some Means Accessibility for All

We are proud partners to Kronos Inc., whose workforce management solutions (Kronos Workforce ready, Kronos Workforce Central, and the new cloud-based Kronos Workforce Dimensions) are instilled with intuitive accessibility features. Take the Workforce Tablet interface for example. Visually impaired users can turn to a variety of features to help them navigate the display, accessing important services like punching in with ease through VoiceOver, Zoom magnification, or through inverted colors that improve contrast or address color blindness. Working with key accessibility advocates, Kronos has met high standards for user accessibility across its workforce solutions.

This conversation around accessibility is a current and ongoing necessity, and recent article by BenefitsPro on older worker safety adds great context to why this is important. If you're looking for ways to improve your workplace through accessible workforce solutions like Kronos, our consultants are happy to help you navigate the sea of considerations.

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