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Dare to Share: Performance Data is Useful to Employees, Too!

Posted by Neil Shah on Feb 20, 2018 11:30:00 AM

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As an employer, there are likely many ways you may measure, analyze and report workforce data—from attendance to productivity to employee development and more. This data, often gathered through workforce management systems, is useful in making empowered and strategic decisions as a business leader. But performance data is useful to more than just managers. Today's workforce is also driven by personal data both in and out of work. And businesses could gain a lot by way of satisfactory employee engagement and productivity if employees were given access to their performance data. Here are a couple reasons why workforce managers might consider sharing performance data through their employee dashboards.

Performance Reviews are Few and Far Between

When employees meet with managers, whether quarterly, biannually or other, the topics of their performance review should be no surprise—but that may not always be the case. Consistent communication around development goals and personal performance require more than an infrequent touch-base. Employees today are hungry for personal data, even driven toward self improvement by it. By having access to a dashboard or portal that depicts their personal performance objectively, employees have what they need for proactive change outside of a rigid review structure.

Data Helps Build a Culture of Trust

We've recently written about the important shift from performance management to performance development in businesses, and data can play a huge role in making that happen. Part of that shift involves managers taking responsibility for setting a strong example for employees and showing trust in their abilities. Sharing personal performance data helps show trust that employees can make productive decisions and hold themselves accountable. Recent updates to Kronos Workforce Ready that we highlighted recently demonstrate the value data access can have for both employees and managers in pursuing personal development.

Workforce analytics offer an objective look at individual performance and development, and employees aren't often given the chance to analyze the impact of their own performance. It's important for managers to consider the benefits of opening a window to their employees that gives them as much ability to act constructively and pursue improvement. This also helps managers keep from having to spring the performance conversation on employees by sharing the responsibility at all times.

If you're considering options for empowering your workforce with performance data, our team is always ready to discuss how to find one that suits your needs best.

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