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Do Employee Devices Have a Place in Your Workforce Management?

Posted by Neil Shah on Jan 23, 2018 10:30:00 AM

The influx of new devices into the workplace is a constant concern. Releases and sales of the hottest new phones, tablets and more are staggered throughout the year, but the weeks after the holidays is a big time for people to fire up their newest gadgets, making it an important time as ever for businesses and IT departments to evaluate their device policy and make key decisions about which personal mobile devices (and apps therein) serve your purpose securely. Unlike enterprise devices, you may not have control over what OS versions and software patches are in use (that’s often up to the cellular provider), but here are two worthwhile considerations in allowing your employees this flexibility.

Is a device compatible with your workforce systems?

Any phone or tablet can manage email and calendars, and many can handle word processors and spreadsheets. The real question is whether these devices can access other important services such as timekeeping and task management to help get the job done. The variety of screen sizes and operating systems across mobile devices could mean some do and others don’t. But workforce solutions like Kronos are becoming increasingly mobile-first and optimized for mobile display—plus cloud-based solutions allow for quick, automatic deployment of further optimizations for the latest device updates. If your workforce systems simply aren’t prepared for mobile, then maybe that’s where your concerns should be directed first.

Will it enable efficient use of your workforce systems?

If your workforce systems are mobile optimized, the question becomes whether employee devices enable them to manage their productivity and handle administrative tasks with ease. Can managers access their dashboards and issue approvals anywhere with a tap and a swipe, or do security protocols require them to be desktop-bound? For many businesses, the real-time advantage of managing work on mobile can improve accuracy, efficiency and overall productivity.

Mobility is expected, and most workers own devices of their own. It’s up to key IT decision makers and business leaders whether allowing employees to use the devices they are most comfortable with fits into the goals of the company overall—as long as the workforce systems in place deliver the productivity goods.

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