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Don’t Let Kronos be Last, and Definitely Not Least

Posted by Neil Shah on Oct 25, 2016 11:30:00 AM

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It doesn’t matter if you are a SMB or a multi-site corporation – Kronos is easily one of the most used and most touched resources in your organization. But is it the most supported?

All employees are interacting with it daily for payroll, clocking in and out and scheduling. Your HR department is fully involved: tracking pay, bonuses, hours and hiring. Those in management positions are evaluating big data to make pivotal forecasting decisions.

When we hear of common challenges with Kronos, the unifying factor tends to be the complexity of the software. Because Kronos works with and affects so many areas within an organization, the integration can sometimes be challenging. In addition, Kronos requires a significant amount of data input and organization upon set up. With information flowing between different departments, Kronos can become a tangled web of data if not supported well by an expert.

How do you ensure that your organization is maximizing its effective use of Kronos?

Dedicated, Not Just Assigned

When working with our clients, we sometimes notice that Kronos is the “most used, least supported” software within the organization, which can lead to challenges. If Kronos is just one of many assignments for an employee, it can fall low on a priority list.

A dedicated Kronos expert can handle issues as soon as they arise and tweak small problems before they become major obstacles. It’s best if a company has at least one person assigned to support the software, and ideally that person is involved in the implementation from the very beginning.

We’re Here for You

Here at The WFC Group we support knowledge transfer – we aim to share our experience and knowledge that our consultants have gained over many years in the exact industries our clients work in, and transfer this to our clients. We often hear “We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know” from our clients (meaning there’s so much more to Kronos to discover), so having an employee or team dedicated to Kronos from the very beginning can be extremely beneficial.

If having a dedicated team involved in the beginning or end of your project is not in the cards, then we offer support hours and training programs to companies that need a little extra assistance. And of course, we offer a number of solutions to assist your team in upgrades, change management, integrations and more. 

Touching Base

We will have a booth at KronosWorks and would love to see you there! Come stop by and let’s talk about the challenges you are facing. If you’re overwhelmed, stuck, or just in over your head, we would love to help you uncover the problem and find the right solution for you. Click here to schedule a meeting with one of our experts.

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