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Fighting Energy Industry Fatigue with Workforce Management

Posted by Neil Shah on Jun 4, 2019 11:45:00 AM


The demands of running energy businesses have earned the industry several exceptions to common labor laws. With these exceptions, producers of energy resources in oil, gas and more, can ensure smooth, reliable operations.

Some workers are even drawn to the industry by the prospect of longer profit-making shifts, but if left unchecked, exhaustion and fatigue could become a threat to their safety, performance and overall productivity.

Get Proactive About Employee Rest

Ample rest is crucial for any employee to make clear, safe decisions and prevent costly errors. A regular 7–9 hours of sleep each day should be the cornerstone of any shift scheduling, even in times of high need. Although not a binding rule, the American Petroleum Institute also put forth its own recommendation on fatigue risk management, including resting times based on a worker's hours of service or shift length. The key to preventing worker fatigue is in enforcement of any organization's rest policy — and workforce management solutions like Kronos for Energy can be programmed to automatically protect those standards.

Gain Confidence with Scheduling and Attestation

Once an organization's policy is determined, workforce leaders can create a set of rules within the Kronos workforce management suites that automatically guide and enforce how employees get scheduled and adhere to required breaks. These rule sets may even differ based on certain roles. For instance, a business can prevent the extension or picking up of extra shifts that put an employee active over 17 hours (called sleeplessness). Similarly, scheduling can be configured to ensure a solid 7–9 hours off the job for sleep (even for long-term and remote work-sites).

During shifts, automated attestation features can help enforce break and meal times, ensuring employees' full compliance with the organization's fatigue prevention measures. By being prompted to confirm breaks and meals in real-time, employees are protected and managers are primed for fast and simple oversight of healthier, helpful workforce practices.

Put Rest to Work
Are you curious about automating your energy industry workforce solutions for greater safety and productivity? Let our team be a resource for you! Reach out and begin the conversation around energy industry solutions for fatigue risk management, better scheduling and benefits of policy compliance through attestation today.

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