Find The WFC Group at KronosWorks (in Vegas) next week!

KronosWorks - A-Digit

It's our favorite time of the year again. KronosWorks is next week already, and we're ready to talk workforce management shop with everyone in attendance. Will you be in Vegas? If you're joining us at the conference, drop by our booth (#605), chat with our staff and scan your badge for a chance to win a $500 Southwest Airlines gift card. While you're there, we'll be more than happy to discuss some of this year's endlessly fascinating topics:

Today's Multidimensional Workforce

There's so much in flux with today's workforce. Millennials are entering the workforce anew with great expectations of their employers, and many pros are returning to companies they'd previously left (the Boomerangs). Each adds another layer to the need for better engagement practices from employers and managers, and many Kronos solutions are evolving to help make that all possible.

Our Favorite Tools and Solutions

From migrating to the Cloud to securing the right talent, protecting compliance with attestation and ensuring optimal productivity through scheduling and absence management, there's so much we've been thinking about this year already. (And let's not forget task management and predictive analytics!) What we'd like to know are the challenges and goals you have for your business and how we can help prepare your workforce to keep you pushing forward.

Implementation Methods

As businesses' needs are changing, so are the ways we get the right tools in place for people to be confident in going about their work. One newer approach we've been applying lately (and topic of this year's conference) is the Paragon Implementation Method — building off what we know of typical industry needs to roll out the most important solutions first. Yet, many clients and stakeholders who prefer the longer, well-trodden road to a highly tailored suite of solutions implemented simultaneously. What has been your experience with differing implementation?

If you have questions you'd like answered about any of the above, about Kronos or even workforce management in general, come visit us at Booth #605. You can even reserve any of our industry specialists ahead of time for a personalized one-on-one meeting. See you there!

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