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Flash FAQs: 2020 Workforce Management Edition

Posted by Neil Shah on Jun 2, 2020 10:45:00 AM

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Here are some common questions and concerns regarding the impending end of Adobe Flash plugin as it relates to key workforce management solutions.

What is Adobe Flash?

Flash is a once-popular software plugin for displaying rich digital media. It was widely used online and across enterprise solutions, including workforce management solutions. It is being completely phased out later this year.

Why is Flash being discontinued?

Flash is a proprietary plugin that has been made obsolete by newer solutions (such as HTML5) that adhere to open standards for better performance, efficiency and security. Adobe's decision to bring an end to Flash was made with the support and encouragement of the tech community at large.

When is Flash being shut down?

Adobe will fully end its support for Flash on December 31, 2020. This means the developer will no longer host the software for download and no more patches or security updates will be provided. 

Since the announcement of Flash's planned discontinuation in 2016, many software and operating system developers have taken steps to remove or disable Flash from their products. Customers relying on earlier or outdated (i.e., no longer supported) versions of these products or solutions will require updates before December 31 or risk losing functionality. We advise working with a partner like The Workforce Consulting Group who specializes in identifying necessary updates and implementing solutions quickly to meet this rapidly closing deadline.

What does this mean for my business IT & WFM?

This means you should evaluate your full IT infrastructure, including workforce management tools, to root out any Flash-dependent solutions. Make sure the hardware you employ and the software and OS systems you license are still supported by the developers and implement any necessary updates or service patches to eliminate older, unsupported Flash integrations.

Many customers using supported cloud-based solutions have already been up-to-date, but customers administering solutions onsite may require great coordination and effort between IT and other staff to implement changes. Here are three types of WFM customers we view as being at high risk.

Since Flash will soon be disabled and removed at the browser and OS level, both web-based and hosted solutions will be impacted.

How long will it take to update or upgrade my WFM?

This answer varies anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months depending on many factors including company size, how recent your current solution is, whether it is cloud-based or on-premise, and how many services or solutions you have integrated together. We recommend consulting with our workforce management specialists to determine where you stand and how best to reach a Flash-free status in time for the new year. 

Here is our checklist and timeline for securing timely assistance to avoid major disruption to your productivity in 2021. As the year forges on, we expect more and more businesses will be competing for upgrade support, so the sooner you act, the better.

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