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Gear Up With The WFC Group's New Change Management Video Series

Posted by Neil Shah on Oct 2, 2018 10:45:00 AM


For businesses, times of change can fill with uncertainty, but they can also breathe life into an organization when handled correctly. When experiencing change, especially when change is driven from within, there are ways to create a positive experience through change management. We should know - our entire business is built on enacting meaningful change for companies.

We also know that effective change management begins long before an anticipated change occurs. For example, the process of implementing a new workforce management solution should begin by communicating the change and gathering feedback early and often in the process. Change management allows for suggestions and concerns to be heard and incorporated into the resulting change plan.

To prepare leaders with insights like these, The WFC Group has launched a regular video webinar series, starting with topics around change management.

Take a look at our first video covering the importance of change and how to approach change with confidence. Be sure to subscribe for the latest updates when we add to the series!

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We look forward to providing many more resources to come.

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