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Having Business Problems? They May Stem from Communication (or Lack Thereof)

Posted by Neil Shah on Feb 22, 2017 11:30:00 AM


Clear communication is a critical component to organizational success, and is one of the key challenges our clients often face. Not only is effective communication important for change management, it also keeps daily operations running efficiently and ensures maximum yield from every task.

Communication, or lack thereof, occurs on a number of levels – among individuals and various departments. In any of these arenas, when communication breaks down, the consequences can reverberate through your organization.

Here are a few examples:

  • Financial problems: When the accounting department and HR department don’t have an automatic or streamlined way of sharing information, errors can occur or linger. Payment issues, such as retroactive pay, can be inefficient or decrease happiness among employees.
  • Planning problems: Sales or marketing departments may require forecasting information from the accounting department. However, the accounting department may keep information in reports to serve its needs, and the data may not be presented in the most useful or consumable manner for other departments.
  • Policy problems: If leave policies change, every department from HR to accounting would need to update their software and policies. If they don’t do this simultaneously or if there is any delay in one department, benefits could lag or employees could miss out altogether.

How Kronos Can Help

A powerful, multi-department workforce management tool, Kronos can solve these communication issues and more. By automating data flow, each department gets the same information at the same time, leading to more accurate workflow in real-time. It also allows each department to access and process the data they need.

If you are considering an upgrade to Kronos, we can conduct a Needs Assessment to uncover which departments need assistance in improving efficiency and communication. Then we can help engage your staff and departments throughout the change to ensure effective communication throughout the process and into the future. Contact us today.

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