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Healthcare IT Needs Modern Workforce Management to Succeed

Posted by Neil Shah on Jul 9, 2019 11:45:00 AM


As we look to the evolving nature of healthcare, technology is at the heart of what's changing.

Hospitals and providers are turning to tech to improve the quality of care, but most organizations fall short in the expert resources to transform their IT infrastructure to deliver on that goal. In a recent survey by HIMSS, more than half of healthcare providers responded they had IT positions to fill.

Though tech-savvy resources are in short supply, the solution to filling healthcare IT roles may be through other internal technology that often gets overlooked. For healthcare providers to attract transformational experts in IT, they must demonstrate their commitment to a top technological infrastructure from the moment a candidate connects and continue to support their clear path within the organization. 

This is where workforce management solutions can be a game changer — not only for building out a strong and transformative IT discipline, but in strengthening processes that affect delivery of care, organization-wide.

Turning Candidates Into Employees

No tech professional wants an uphill battle in their new role, and their experience as a candidate through new hire is their first indication of the level of technological sophistication their new organization maintains. Does the onboarding process shuffle them through multiple, disjointed platforms, or are systems well integrated? Are these platforms the same ones they will be able to access and manage their details like benefit elections or vacation earnings? 

The smoother, more integrated a hiring and onboarding system is, especially when it will carry through to their day-to-day workforce management, demonstrates a commitment on the part of the administration to strong systems, showing a value for these professionals' area of expertise. 

Better Security and Accuracy

CIOs and senior clinical IT leaders take system security seriously. Patient records need to be protected, of course, but what of employee records? Up-to-date and well-integrated workforce management systems can do for employee records what other systems do for digitized patient records. 

Smooth, secure information exchanges between active workforce management platforms can help reduce both redundancy and inconsistencies in employee recordkeeping. When employees trust that their information is being treated with respect, they can focus more on delivering greater care, whether it's in the exam room or uncrossing wires behind the scenes to create a stronger healthcare IT infrastructure.

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