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Here's What It's Like to Work with a Leader and Innovator in Next Gen Workforce Management Solutions

Posted by Neil Shah on Aug 14, 2018 11:45:00 AM

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It's always reassuring when a new study confirms what we already know and love about the Kronos solutions we service. As a trusted Kronos partner, it's no surprise to us when Kronos gets recognized as a workforce management market leader and innovator—and the recent 2018 Next Generation HCM Technology Report by IT and business service analysts at NelsonHall provides great context for why Kronos qualifies for those distinctions. Derived from a market wide comparison, results of NelsonHall’s Evaluation & Assessment Tool (NEAT) help leaders from businesses of all sizes vet technology vendors for the proven performance they need.

Giving Strength to Small Businesses

In NelsonHall's evaluation, Kronos earns its distinction as a HCM leader especially in relation to the small business market. As a partner that works with many small businesses to implement Kronos Workforce Ready, we see firsthand the continued investment in this solution that not only helps small businesses achieve performance and productivity goals, but also impart a greater confidence in their trajectory as organizations. We can rest easy knowing that the businesses we set up on Kronos Workforce Ready will have access to the continuing improvements around mobility, AI and more that helps them compete on a larger scale.

Sharpening Businesses' Persistent Edge

Where Kronos shines for mid- to large-size businesses is in its role as an innovator. Their large-scale, enterprise solutions keep businesses on the cutting edge of performance with a keen eye on the future. That's no surprise to us, given the launch of Kronos Workforce Dimensions developed on Kronos's new D5 platform — with a level of built-in intelligence, machine learning and AI assistance not found in legacy solutions. It's always satisfying to work with clients whose visions extend years out and can provide a solution configured to support their long-term goals.

Taking Pride in our Work

Perhaps the best thing about our partnership with Kronos is the sense of pride we share in building invaluable connections with businesses — diving in to understand the challenges and needs before offering a solution we know will bring a business up to pace and ultimately set them ahead of the pack. Looking back on our past successes together only makes us more eager to help organizations find their inner success moving forward. If you're looking for your leading, innovative workforce management solution and the support to put it in place, we're ready to make that happen!

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