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High Performance Employees Can Burn Out Too: Workforce Management Can Help Prevent

Posted by Neil Shah on Mar 6, 2018 10:45:00 AM

It may seem surprising, but even your most engaged employees may be a turnover risk, according to a new study by the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. On top of the nearly 70 percent of workers that feel unengaged in their work according to Gallup's employee engagement study, 20 percent of engaged employees in Yale's study reported feeling pushed past their limits. For them, burnout is a real threat which adds to employee turnover risk—and it can be measured and analyzed as a relationship between resources and demands. Many of these values can be monitored through configurations to workforce management systems, and workforce management consultants like The WFC Group can help!

Measure Employee Resources Versus Demands

Keeping an eye on the demand placed on top performing employees is a great way to prevent burnout and turnover. Do they have adequate support from the team and the best available tools to get the job done? Are they given enough time to decompress or unwind? Does management recognize and acknowledge their hard work? Employees with all of these could be considered high resource.

But knowing the demand placed on them is also important. Things like hours worked, tight timelines, administrative workload and more increase stress for even top performers. Workforce data like how long they have to work to get the job done can help identify imbalances and prevent exhaustion. Workers that categorized as both high resource and high demand were more likely to indicate potential burnout in Yale's study.

Workforce Management Solutions Can Help

Some resources and demands can be measured with typical workforce tools, such as hours worked based on timesheets. Other values of interest may require a combination of manager training and additional implementations to monitor accurately. Take the Kronos Workforce Ready Attestation Toolkit for one example. By making confirmation of meal or break time taken mandatory, employers can do more to ensure both compliance with labor regulations and demonstrate concern for balance with the time demands placed on employees.

As professional workforce consultants, our team at The WFC Group can assist with your efforts in using workforce management systems to promote employee engagement and prevent unwanted turnover and burnout in productive employees. We're always eager to guide you through a needs assessment, implementations or training for managers on using existing workforce systems to enact meaningful and effective change. Don't hesitate to reach out and discuss how you can be using your workforce solutions to the best benefit of your highly engaged employees.

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