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Highly Engaged Employees May Be a Brand’s Greatest Advocate

Posted by Neil Shah on Jan 30, 2018 11:30:00 AM

Engaged Workforce

There are more benefits to having a highly engaged workforce than just increased productivity. Employees actually hold a lot of influence over the perception of a business or brand. When they are engaged in their work—those who feel valued and have a sense of purpose—they are far more likely to speak out about their jobs. And when your own employees speak positively, people listen—accomplishing a whole lot more for your brand than painstakingly crafted PR statements lacking humanity.

Harness The Power of Employees’ Social Habits

In a time when exposure on social media comes at an increasing expense, employees’ accounts hold a lot of sway within their personal networks. People are generally untrusting of advertising and marketing communications, but referrals and recommendations directly from individuals they know and trust is a huge contributor to a business’s reputation. Our partner Kronos is not only a top provider of workforce management solutions. They receive many accolades for being a best workplace from employees own responses to independent surveys. Jenna Slattery, Senior Manager of Social Media at Kronos, recently shared how the company’s impressions extend far more efficiently via its employees proudly sharing company news on personal channels than through paid outlets.

Stay Mindful of Your Employer Brand

Are your employees proudly sharing the work they do, either in person or on social? Silence on the employee front does little to create a good impression as an employer and a business. Consider what else you can do as an employer to build up positive momentum with your employees and better engage them. Celebrate their accomplishments, tune in to their aspirations and motivations, and champion their growth and opportunity within your organization. It’s easier to ask your team members to share occasional news with the world around them when you’re making great efforts to address their professional needs. As they willingly take on the face of your brand, they will also become the true advocates of your success—building your reputation as a desirable employer and a value-driven business people would want to associate with.

Put Engagement First

Establishing strong relationships with your employees is really is one of the best things you can do for your business. People who feel engaged in the work they do are more driven and productive, but they’re also more apt to share their feeling of purpose with the world around them. When you become that employer who pays attention to the needs of those who work for them, that reputation will become known far and wide. Give your employees good reason to advocate for your business as important contributors to its success.

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