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How Cloud-based Workforce Management Solution Customers are Prepared for the Post-pandemic Workplace

Posted by Neil Shah on Apr 7, 2020 10:45:00 AM


It's safe to say that the response to COVID-19 has challenged many workplace norms. Employers who resisted the idea of allowing employees to work from home no longer have a choice in the matter due to shelter-in-place policies for everyone but the most essential service providers. But just as the old guard of mandatory onsite work is being put to the test, other norms are shaking up as well.

Fortunately, remote access to key productivity and workforce management services with the cloud is helping employers and employees alike adapt to our new realities in stride, setting the stage for workplace norms of the future. Perhaps, employers will even come to realize many advantages from this (long desired, yet newly found) flexibility, in terms of bolstered employee engagement, output, and the ability to augment internal expertise without the confines of the locality. 

In fact, having solutions in the cloud already helps employers break down many outdated barriers to achieve greater efficiency and growth.

Offers Greater Physical Scalability

Remember this: scalability means growth in the right places, but it also means reducing inefficiencies where possible. Not every element of your business centers around getting bigger to compete. In fact, greater flexibility in the workplace through remote working and access could present the opportunity to shrink business overhead by downsizing footprints. 

Allowing home offices or co-working spaces can give employees an opportunity to work where, when and how it's most comfortable for them (for example, cutting back on the strain of their regular commute, or flexibility for regularly scheduled pickups for kids in school). Employers can experience growth in both workforce size and in employee engagement through flexible benefits that appeal to a contemporary work-life sensibilities.

Along with footprint adaptability, cloud-based workforce solutions allow employers to support infrastructure in new ways, such as accepting the use of employee-owned devices and focusing IT's efforts on other business essentials (because cloud-based providers like Kronos handle all the back-end platform upkeep and automatically keep their users up to date).

Lets You Hire the Best Talent Anywhere

Businesses using cloud-based solutions can more easily attract, hire and support talent beyond their main locale. This means access to the top experts in their industry and not just those who are within reach of the office. Better talent builds competitiveness, and if your business is service-oriented, having employees stationed further out could expand access to new markets and opportunities. (Along with this may come the greater flexibility to bridge new client time zones. After all, 9-to-5 is quite different on opposite coasts.)

Workforce management solutions like Kronos Workforce Dimensions and Workforce Central already consolidate hiring and onboarding capabilities within the day-to-day platforms employees depend on for admin and productivity—easing new hires' way into regular working conditions.

Are You Ready For The New Normal?

How well are you making use of available cloud technologies to bolster your workforce and ability to compete? Have stay-home policies got you reconsidering what works best for your business? We're here to answer any questions and provide advice for making it through this huge transition that most businesses are facing and come out on top. Contact us with any curiosities you have about Kronos and cloud-based solutions and how they could benefit your business most.

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