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How Kronos Workforce Dimensions is Helping Employers Stay Innovative

Posted by Neil Shah on Mar 5, 2019 11:45:00 AM

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When it comes to maintaining a competitive business edge, your inner workings are just as important as what your customers see.

The employee experience is a crucial contributor to operational success and growth, and it can make or break perceptions of you as an employer especially concerning the influx of tech-savvy digital natives (Millennial's and Gen-Z).

The latest workforce management solutions available are delivering a solid foundation of functionality and efficiency, but Kronos Workforce Dimensions is going beyond the foundational workforce management with new integrations from key technology partners. Now Kronos customers using Workforce Dimensions can tap into a growing selection of add-on features that offer employers an innovative leg up.

Here are just a few of the many features added to Workforce Dimensions in the first year of the technology partner program.

Streamlined Interactivity

For employees and managers alike, the process for managing schedules and requesting time off can be frustratingly complex and take time away from other important work. Two new partnerships aim to make scheduling processes simpler by linking them to the central tools for real-time daily communication and collaboration. Microsoft and Facebook both have developed schedule management integrations for Microsoft's Outlook email client and a chatbot for Workplace by Facebook respectively, making it easier to submit and oversee schedule requests in a moment and keep regular work on track.

Employee Self-service for Financial Security

Pressures outside of work can impact daily productivity, especially when it comes to financial struggles. Since the nature of these struggles is often personal, it's an awkward topic to bring up to one's boss. As such, financial services provider Even developed an add-on for Dimensions that helps individuals get the private support and guidance they need to achieve financial wellness. Reclaiming financial security without the worry of seeming irresponsible can go a long way to staying focused during the day.

AI-powered Hourly Employee Training

Dimensions is helping to change the way employers engage with hourly workers! In partnering with IBM, customers of the platform now can tap into the power of Watson Career Coach to offer extended career guidance for part-time employees, highlighting career paths within their organization and skills training necessary to get them there. Sometimes your greatest resources come from within, and part-timers don't have to be a fleeting source of skilled labor.

These are just a few of the partnerships featured in the Dimensions suite's growing marketplace of add-ons and innovations. Even on a base level, the Dimensions platform delivers the modern workforce management experience and responsive, mobile accommodation that today's new employees expect—helping employers achieve a position of being innovators at their very core. Partner enhancements make it even easier to take that differentiation to new levels.

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