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How We Share Our Knowledge and Make a Difference for Our Clients

Posted by Neil Shah on Nov 6, 2018 11:45:00 AM

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The WFC Group is always looking for ways to give the best support possible to our clients. Early support in any consultation is just as important as the support we give after the work is done.

Many of our best resources happen to be our expert teammates in consulting and implementation, so creating a pathway to share our experience and workforce management smarts is essential to our overall delivery of client support.

Our Knowledge Share: Putting Client Experience First

The system we use for exchanging knowledge internally is actually the same one we trust for engaging our clients. For client support, we use the HappyFox help desk software. This solution allows us to traffic client requests to the best-fit experts, monitor progress and respond effectively and efficiently. But for us it's not enough just knowing one side of the system we put in place. By integrating the system into our internal processes, we now experience what we ask our clients to go through when they submit a request.

An Internal Resource for Level-setting and Growth

We've found that this request system works just as well internally. While everyone on our consulting team has extensive experience, our attention to individual client needs often results in new and uncommon challenges.

In building the best response for a tailored solution, our staff can now submit the details of each new challenge via HappyFox and leverage others' experiences, including senior staff. This also gives us a chance to align on the best course of action or response to ensure the greatest benefit to our client and other clients facing similar challenges moving forward.

Building Cultural Strengths

This process of knowledge sharing is crucial to our team's continued growth and to ensuring our clients' continued success. By always challenging  ourselves company-wide, we can further our cultural mind for customer service. Knowledge is better when shared, and we're lucky to have a wealth to go around with a team as strong as ours.

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