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How Workforce Management Solutions Support Strong Leadership Cultures

Posted by Neil Shah on Aug 6, 2019 11:45:00 AM


As businesses continue to evaluate their paths to success, the role of managers and their contributions to productivity and performance have recently come into renewed focus.

The impact of leaders cannot be understated, as it directly affects employees' experience, engagement and commitment to the organization and its objectives.

Now more than ever, leadership and their influence on company success is being viewed with a lens on culture, not simply hitting routine benchmarks. A manager's performance is not the performance of the people they oversee, but rather their ability to develop company values within their teams. A manager who is committed to the success and growth of their team members sets a greater example than a task master. 

Among the tools that can help managers build up performance from a cultural level, workforce management systems are one of the most important.

Helps Structure the "Manager Experience"

Advisory firm Gallup recently turned its attention on engaging all employees to specifically engaging managers. The "Manager Experience," as they call it, is important because of their influence on the employee experience overall. The quality of any manager is a major deciding factor in whether candidates jump on board and whether employees stick around.

What most employees want from a manager is a sense of trust in their abilities, clear dedication to their individual growth, and encouraging a sense of purpose both within the organization and beyond. For managers to stay involved on this level, they need ways to devote more of their time to actively supporting their teams instead of being chained to a computer screen.

Workforce management solutions like those provided by Kronos help managers achieve the expediency and mobility in routine workforce administration (like approving time-off requests, shift swaps, and more). 

Ensure a Long-term Leadership Culture

In addition to workforce management systems, companies may also want to consider their compensation structures to reward high-performing leaders. A recent piece on management magazine strategy+business site dives even deeper into the importance of fair incentivization and the signals it sends to employees from the ground up. But first make sure your managers have the tools they need to deliver.

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