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Improving Performance Development with Updates to Kronos Workforce Ready

Posted by Neil Shah on Dec 12, 2017 12:30:00 PM

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Last week we covered a recent report by Gallup about the benefits of shifting from performance management to a culture of performance development. This evolution of thinking around how to improve performance isn’t just popping up out of the blue — it’s actually been somewhat of an anticipated progression resulting from technological and generational shift. In fact, new modules introduced to Kronos Workforce Ready already demonstrate the growing recognition of performance development in favor of outdated management methods.

What is Performance Development?

Performance development is born out of growing attention to the benefits of employee engagement. There’s a strong correlation between companies with high employee engagement levels and high productivity. And strong employee engagement is built through attention to the needs and expectations of the workforce. Employees who are engaged often feel they have a clear purpose in their work, clear goals, expectations and opportunity for growth alongside leadership that is tuned in to their professional outlook. These needs aren’t often met by the quarterly review structures of traditional performance management, spurring the rise of a developmental approach — meaning continual, real-time assessment and engagement around individual performance goals.

Two Kronos Workforce Ready Updates Equip SMBs for Performance Development

At the annual KronosWorks conference in November, Kronos announced new features to Kronos Workforce Ready that help businesses, especially SMBs, implement Performance Development for even hourly and part-time employees.

  1.     The new Employee Perspectives module enables real-time performance management for frontline workers.
  • Enhances hourly employees’ performance reviews with real-time, metric-backed scorecards measuring performance against organizational goals.
  • Leverages an approach that provides continuous feedback to ensure consistency, increases transparency by clearly communicating how employees are performing and what can be done to improve and adds fairness into compensation decisions through clear achievement benchmarks.
  • Prepares managers with real-time scorecards for strategic scheduling decisions (e.g., assigning critical shifts to employees with high reliability ratings).
  1.     Succession Planning helps groom top talent to reach the next level.
  • A configurable talent matrix dashboard measures employee performance and potential, allowing organizations to pinpoint development needs.
  • Employee profiles evaluate readiness to advance, potential to contribute, retention risk and impact should they depart, painting a complete picture of each employee’s contribution to success.
  • HR, performance, and workforce data helps replace arbitrary judgment about employee readiness with a formal process that encourages a commitment to employee growth and development through mentorship.

With the new Employee Perspectives and Succession Planning modules, managers can use Kronos Workforce Ready to begin building a culture of performance development. By working to improve employee engagement levels, increasing individual investment in their work and career path, productivity and performance will also grow. If you’d like to learn how to take advantage of these updates to Kronos Workforce Ready, reach out and we’d be happy to help!

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