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Kronos Workforce Ready – Your Small Business Solution

Posted by Neil Shah on Aug 30, 2016 11:30:00 AM


Last week, we talked about how automation and workforce management software can bring efficiency and growth to your small business. We work with a countless number of SMB companies, all who use a single solution to address areas of inefficiency: Kronos Workforce Ready.

Have You Heard of Kronos Workforce Ready?

We’ve blogged about Kronos Workforce Ready in the past: here, here and here. We clearly love it as a solution for our SMB clients. Kronos Workforce Ready has been getting a lot of attention with our clients lately and for good reason. It has all the features and systems of Kronos Workforce Central, the flagship Kronos product – but it’s made just for SMB clients. Scalable for any small business, from a few employees to a few thousand, Kronos Workforce Ready is an ideal software solution.

A Subscription Solution

Kronos Workforce Ready is subscription based, which means the price changes depending on how many of your employees are using the system. If you are a seasonally dependent small business, this is a cost effective option. You will pay more when you have more employees, and less when you have fewer. This also means that no matter how small you are, you more than likely are able to afford this software – and will find that it actually saves time and allows for even more profit. 

Don’t Lose Even More Time

Kronos Workforce Ready is a relatively quick solution. All the headaches of manual organization and management can be eliminated in no time.  Automation for your small business, and integration with the software and systems you are already using, can be fully implemented in approximately one to three months – a lot more quickly than other larger software solutions.

The Virtual Answer

With so many small businesses opting for remote workplaces and telecommute employees, the cloud-based Kronos Workforce Ready is a smart solution for small businesses. It allows you to keep your employees connected and informed – while tracking hours, schedules, payroll, accruals, and more automatically. If you’re already working in the cloud, why not bring all this data and management there as well?

Wondering if Kronos Workforce Ready is for you and your small business? Already have Kronos Workforce Ready and wondering about additional services you could be implementing to make your business even more efficient? Contact us today and we’ll help you get back to work.

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