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KronosWorks 2018 Roundup: This Year's Biggest Announcements

Posted by Neil Shah on Nov 13, 2018 11:45:00 AM

kronosworks 2018

Another KronosWorks has drawn to a close, and in its wake we have a bunch of new reasons to be excited for the year ahead. Rather appropriate given this year's themes: inspiration and the future of work.

Whether or not you attended with us, the updates ahead present important opportunities for current Kronos customers and potential customers alike across all industries and business sectors.

Here are a few of our top takeaways that have us feeling inspired for the year to come:

Kronos Workforce Ready Gets Responsive

A new update to Workforce Ready will provide greater access on mobile devices with responsive design. Now, your employees and managers alike can dive into tools and features on-the-go from their smartphones and tablets with personalized dashboards (as configured by managers).

Another huge boost for Workforce Ready is the addition of predictive analytics. This crucial feature boosts the Employee Perspective module for uncovering more advanced insights to aid retention efforts and proactive employee engagement measures.

Meet AIMEE: AI for Managers and Employees

Say hello to AIMEE — The new AI engine enhancement for the Workforce Dimensions suite. She's your new, data savvy, personal workforce assistant who's always looking ahead. According to Kronos,  "AIMEE analyzes massive amounts of organizational data in real time to provide in-the-moment, predictive insights to help employees and managers work smarter."

AIMEE offers unique benefits at all levels of your organization.

For HR:

  • predicts flight risk

  • identifies employee potential

  • monitors employee fatigue

  • supports succession planning

  • enables more productive conversations with observations and trends

For managers:

  • real-time analytics

  • Informs key decisions for greater performance

For employees:

  • builds personalized schedules to preference

  • processes time off requests in real time

  • simplifies shift swaps with colleague suggestions

IBM + Kronos = Artificial Intelligence for Hourly Employees

Kronos and IBM announced a new partnership to empower businesses with hourly workforces. Together, Kronos Workforce Dimensions and IBM Watson Talent aim to simplify the process of managing hourly employees as well as boost engagement, performance and retention.

With Watson Career Coach coming to Workforce Dimensions, your employees can tap into chat-based career guidance, training and advancement, all powered by AI.

How to Take Advantage of These Solutions

It's clear there's a lot going on in the world of Kronos, bringing new features and benefits to users across the full range of Workforce Ready, Workforce Central and Workforce Dimensions. If you're a current customer wondering how and when these will be available to you or are considering these as a replacement for the system your organization currently uses, we're happy to help.

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