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Take Advantage of these Mobile Updates to Kronos Workforce Ready

Posted by Neil Shah on May 8, 2018 10:30:00 AM

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At the end of March, Kronos announced important updates to Kronos Workforce Ready, emphasizing a refined mobile experience throughout. Because businesses of all sizes trust Workforce Ready to manage their workforce (not just small businesses) these updates will go a long way to help employers deliver more modern workplace experiences.

Empower Employees & Managers

Workforce Ready's improved user interface (UI) uses responsive design to provide an optimized experience across desktop and mobile devices, providing greater access to key tools and services on-the-go. Now employees can access their dashboard wherever they need it most, tapping into everything from scheduling to benefits election. Similarly, managers and HR teams can monitor and address requests with increased ease. Simplifying and streamlining regular processes helps liberate employees and managers to focus on productive activities.

Attract New Applicants

The latest updates to Workforce Ready put the mobile experience first with an applicant portal for today's avid smartphone and tablet users, especially incoming generations. Optimized with a responsive user interface, the portal stands to provide candidates with a solid impression of their prospective employers. Now, HR teams can trust that their talent search is working harder to attract savvy candidates.

New applicant advantages include:

  • Streamlined for more user-friendly job listings, requiring fewer clicks to reach qualified postings.
  • Predictive search capabilities, giving automated shortcuts to keyword searches.
  • Optimized job postings for clear and mobile-friendly descriptions and requirement display.
  • Improved navigation with sidebar shortcuts for easier completion and submission, minimizing abandoned applications.
  • Additional branding opportunities for clearer business representation.

If you are currently considering Kronos Workforce Ready or are already using Workforce Ready and looking to apply these features best, our team is standing by to help you make the most of your workforce solutions investment. There's nothing more satisfying to us than helping businesses maximize their potential and improving productivity and bottom lines.

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